Friday, 23 April 2010


This was my biggest Moo card order to date! I had ordered two sets for the BCTF and I think they came out rather well, don't you think? And big thanks to Chris who again did all the photoshop'ing, tweaking and making them look fabulous.

4 of the new bags and a card with details on ....on the reverse of the bag cards there was a little bit of blurb about bagladee.

I then paired the cards up, image and a details card, hole punched them in the top left hand corner and threaded some pretty ribbon through them.

Lovely :D


  1. Hi Emma, they look great! I love the two ties together
    : )

  2. Looks wonderful!!
    Love the colors and the beautiful idea of tying them together like that! really sweet!

  3. They look fab Emma. I can't wait for your site update to see all your new creations.

    Ruthie x

  4. These are really good. Lovely idea!

  5. looks like you have been very busy xxx
    We miss your projects over at
    please come back and post a project or two xxx
    Jayne xx


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