Sunday, 4 April 2010

Had you forgotten?

Happy Easter everyone!!!

I know its been a VERY long time since I mentioned anything about the book I had written.....some of you may have forgotten and for me, well I was getting pretty impatient (I'm that kinda girl, want it all yesterday). Well after a little nagging and persuasion it looks like I will get to see a copy very soon.

It was completed quite sometime ago, but we were waiting for the publishing company etc etc....blah blah, you know the usual stuff. I still have no idea when it will go on general sale but hopefully I will have a copy to take to the trade show as a bit of a advertising tool (so to speak), its always a good conversational topic.

Here are the mini moo cards that were made for me to promote the book, it has a lovely close up shot of the main bag in the book.....still cant believe that I am an author!!! :D
Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend, I'm off to do LOTS of hand sewing. Pics to follow.


  1. And so how much will a first edition signed copy be?!

    Sorry for not commenting for a while, it's been super busy here....I am still reading blogs, just not commenting as much.

    Hope you're having a fab Easter xx

  2. very exciting :)
    the cards look great as I am sure the book is xx


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