Saturday, 8 May 2010

Having a face lift

No not me silly, I'm far too young for one of those (just yet) ;) I've been working away like a little Trojan today trying to get the majority of my website at the 'nearly there' stage.

Are we nearly there yet then? Well nope, not really :( yes I know....but there is a plan!!! And the plan is to spend tomorrow getting it finished. For those of you who had missed the post where I said we (me and bagladee) were having a revamp, everything is going to change. Ooooh that sounded a little bit drastic let me explain, my logo and branding is changing, so is the overall feel of my website and blog.....and I'm sooooo excited. For those of you who have popped over and thought 'ey up whats happening here then!! you will have noticed my spangly new banner.

Isn't she pretty? Another one of C's creations, along with my help and direction of course :) I'm a bossy lady and I know what I want! This will be replacing my banner here and my etsy shop too. The rest I'm afraid you will have to wait until its all revealed. Ooooh the suspense!! I love it.

Oh yes and the most important thing that I forgot to mention is that the new collection is on there all ready to be snapped you cant wait :D


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