Monday, 24 May 2010

Manic, mayhem, good things and bad

This week has been ever so slightly manic, lots of things to do but not much accomplished. Apologies to my give away winners I will get your goodies off to you in the post this week. And it seemed that the harder I tried to get things done the worse it was getting. So yesterday I gave in and decided to clear the garage out. Which now means that I have access to my treadmill again (which I am planning on starting next week) and I got to go through all the fabric I have in there stashed away. That was my favourite bit, it is now all stacked in my studio for me to stare at :D Nothing like a good clear out to get your mind straight!

The weather has been glorious over the weekend here in the UK, I'm always at my happiest when the sun is shinning so it usually takes a lot to bum me out when the weather is good. But on Saturday one email did just that, I had applied to show at another trade fair in October and thought I pretty much had it in the bag. Looks like I'd counted my chickens before they had hatched :( but then about a couple hours later I received an email for a huge order for a new online boutique!! So smiles all around again YEY!!!

So now I just have to buy a tardis or time machine so that I can create hours in the day to sew.

On my ever growing sewing table there are some custom cushions, bags for current orders, new ones to stock my website, ideas for my green swap parcel, and a lot of paper work. So I'd best get to it.

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine.


  1. I'm glad you ended up having a good weekend Emma, orting out fabric sounds good too!
    : )

  2. Well done hun!! a great, productive weekend! It's a pity there weren't more hours in the day!!

    Sharon xx

  3. Sounds like a great weekend.

    I've just received my copy of your book so hopefully I will spend this weekend sourcing fabric for my clutch bag project!

    Ruthie x


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