Tuesday, 11 May 2010

We are live!!!!!

Oh yes indeed we are and I'm so pleased with the end result of our makeover. It took blood, sweat and tears to get it all finished (well not blood, but quite a few choice words that included blood). There were many attempts at uploading and things not quite clicking but we got there in the end.

And I'm also soooooo very proud to launch my new collection of bags, oh so very gorgeous and I want to keep them all (but then that wouldn't be very fair now would it?).

* * * *
So in celebration of a big YEY of getting back into the world of the www I am going to have a very special give away.

The prizes are:
shoulder bag from the new collection
cosmetic pouch
felt purse

What do you have to do I hear you cry.....well I'm going to make you work for it (kind of ;) its not difficult honest). Ok here goes!!

1. Pop over to the new and improved site by clicking on the main image above
2. Have a good scooch around and see what you think
3. Pop back over here and leave a comment, telling me what you like, don't like, your favourite item, whether you would recommend a friend to the site, if you would buy a gift from the site?
4. Please leave some way for me to contact you, if I cant then you cant win :(
5. Only 1 entry per person
6. Don't forget to tell your friends about the giveaway, its nice to share :)
6. Good luck!!

I will announce the winners Monday 17th May, which should be plenty of time for everyone to enter. Thanks for taking the time to have a look, it really means a lot.....constructive criticism is always a good thing, how do you improve otherwise??

Happy browsing xx


  1. Emma - the site looks great. Good start. Two things one may just be my computer but when I click the online shop the picture for the cosmetic pouch link is just a black square. The link does work though. The other thing is I see nothing about shipping internationally. Will you? If not then maybe put a notation that you won't. Love the Olivia bad and the Glamouflage bag. Yes I would send people to visit. You did a great job!

  2. wow Emma it looks great!
    As Dayna said, international shipping? and maybe a photo of yourself in the 'about' section, it is nice to put a face to the name (I have said this but don't do it myself!)
    I would also emphasis that there is a limited edition of each bag, I think that could be a big selling point.

    now pat yourself on the back !!

  3. The new site is good. I like the cleaness of it beacause of the white background. I do think that maybe the pictures are a little small and don't give initial impact. I love all the slouch bags.
    Good job!

  4. great website,just one critism, is paypal the only form of payment you accept, postal order? cheque? not everyone feels happy using Paypal, other that than, it looks good, well done!

    Josie x

  5. Looks fantastic Emma. My favs are the Helena hand bag; little owls cosmetic pouch; all the slouch bags...sorry. Couldn't pic one fav. I'd happy come here to buy gifts for friend and will def recommend you. Love the classic design of the site and its easy to navigate. I agree with jojoebi- you should make a bigger deal about the fact they are a very limited run.

  6. I have had a good nosey for you.

    Fab clean looking site, I have tried it all out including posting a comment and it all seems to work really well - well done!

    Here are a few other comments re possible changes - hope you don't mind but when I set up my site I would prefer full feedback re ideas etc that I would add or not add dependent on if I liked the idea.

    When you click on e.g. slouch bags and then hover over over the bag name is looks like it will link somewhere e.g. goes another colour and underlined but it doesn't open a link of info about the bag/purse etc

    Maybe pop your blog link on your Bagladee page, possibly rename that to About Badladee.

    On the home page maybe pop a note about clicking on photos to see items (you would be amazed and how some people don't find that intuitive).

    Great job to get all the links to work perfectly first time - that is quite a talent :-)

    Please enter me into your lovely comp, i will be off line for a couple of weeks but will be back :-)

  7. Argh - just tried to post my comment and blogger did something stupid and lost it! No matter, here we go again. The new site looks FABULOUS, dahling!! Well done you. Had a quick scooch round and couldn't see any probs, although I agree about maybe adding a note to click on items in order to see a bigger picture. I LOVE the new slouch bags and, yes, of course I would recommend you!
    R xxx

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  9. The new site looks great. I tried to leave a comment in the guest book but I had a problem when I tried to enter the code (but that might be me!)

    You've had loads of really good comments/ideas already, but one thing I would add is on the custom gallery page could you add a bit of an intro about the sort of custom work you undertake? I know if you click on an individual item it gives the detail, but a bit of general info might be useful.

    I can recommend your custom camera straps (I love mine!)

    Ruthie x

  10. Hi Emma.

    The new website looks fab. I've only had a quick look around, but it looks very posh! I'm very impressed. I like the idea of the comments section (I think I suggested this some time ago) and I will leave a comment for you another time, when I have a bit more time on my hands (i.e. not trying to type and stop Bronte wrecking the house at the same time!). I LOVE the fact that you have put Bronte's bag on there!

    Lots of love xxx

  11. Emma, I can't seem to view your website are you having any problems? Lorraine

  12. Love the shop, the layout is clear and unfussy, quick and easy navigation and beautiful products, especially the clutches, especially the carnby one! My only critisism would be that if I was buying (and indeed I will recommend your shop on my blog next wk) is that there are no photos of the insides/back views of the bags, to get an idea of how roomy they are inside and what the lining is really like, I would like say 3 pics of each bag of various angles. Aside from that it really is a scrummy shop!

  13. Great new shop site.
    Love the bright white that gives the room for your colorful bags.
    Very easy and clear navigation and all the informative details someone could look for.
    I would consider adding some extra detailed photos for the bags, especially the big ones. I think it is very important for most customers to know how the bag looks on the inside.
    *LOVE* the way the images pop when you click on specific item. Great presentation!
    As for choosing a fave item, I fell in love with the Grey circles pencil case. Its seriously cute!!
    Would definitely recommend your shop to my friends!

    Lots of good luck! Very well Done!!


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