Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Well I would love to start by saying I've had such a relaxing day after the last 4 days but unfortunately I had to go to work this morning :( those bills just dont pay themselves do they ;) and I have to admit that I haven't even unpacked any of my kit. All the bags are still packed in their travel box and they are all waiting on the landing to be put into the studio. To say that I had an attention span of a nano second at work would be an understatement, too tired and dreaming of bag related things to even concentrate...not good!! I did, once home manage to get some washing in and start tidying up a little. Then I had a mountain of emails etc to go through, I'm only half way there so bare with me if I haven't got to you yet. Both cats have fallen out with me for leaving them, Oli because I accidentally tread on his tail while trying to get the fireplace off the roof of my car :/ and Nell because she is a little princess (madam) and does not like being left. Even though she was spoilt rotten by Grandma and Grandad (yes I do know that they are cats not children). I decided that after BCTF I was having a week off from sewing to relax and get the boring things like the house and ironing back on track (neglected doesn't even come close) but I just don't think that's possible! I am itching to get into the studio and sew.....I even managed to sneak onto a fabric website this afternoon and order some more. Sssssshhhhh don't tell anyone!!!!

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  1. Glad that you've had a good time.

    Make sure that you take time to REST! :o)

    Hugs x


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