Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sewing + sunshine = makes me happy

Its a beautiful sunny morning again, we have builders in the back garden so its not so peaceful but good to see progress at last. If you've been reading my blog for sometime you will know that since we moved into our house everything has been ripped out or changed. Now the house is complete its time to get the garden/outside sorted. After 5 and half years I think its about time :)

We already have a new fence (the old one was decrepit) and we are having a garage built, decking laid and a new (very much in need) lawn as its all just weeds at the mo. Thankfully C is sorting all this, I have enough on my plate to be getting on with without worrying about builders :)

Posts have been lacking here on my blog simply because I have been in the studio every day working on orders. So far so good, but I'm very conscious that in only a month or so I have to have some serious stock in place to go to Bath. Progress is slow but its not a race. So slow is good for me for now. This is a photo of what will be Ruby's doppelganger and soon there will be triplets.....but alas they will be separated soon, one is going to Devon, one to Cumbria and one will be travelling to Bath with me. I have booked me and C into a lovely, modern B&B for the duration of the show. Yes I did say both of us......can you believe it, he's been such a trooper with my shows he really is the crutch that holds me up when I'm being crazyladee and stressing. I don't know what I will do when he goes back to work :(

Well today is going to be spent partially in the studio (until the builders have gone) then I think I will walk to the shops and then have lunch in the sunshine.

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