Thursday, 14 April 2011

If I won the lottery

I would open a fabric shop and sell beauties like these. (My latest purchase) How fantastic would it be to have a brick and mortar shop where you could make people happy by supplying them with lovely fabric. I would be in my element for sure. :D Cant wait to get cracking on this little lot.....and then maybe there will be some more on its way to me very soon. Honestly I do make things from it I don't just hoard it away in my studio!! ;) Well some fabrics I do....
I am feeling 'a very lucky lady' at the moment, I never take anything for granted but every now and then I have a day where I think 'wow' and smile to myself. I hope you have those days too? Its my blog birthday tomorrow so I'm thinking a little giveaway might be in order? I'll see what I can dig out.

Yippeeee its nearly the weekend! :D


  1. beautiful fabric. I'd have a shop if I won the lottery too. It'd be lovely just to play shop and not have to be bothered if you made a profit or not wouldn't it. A 'hobby' shop in fact x

  2. A lovely thought!! Doing something you really love, and meeting people who are likeminded too!!
    Will have to start doing the lottery : )

    Sharon xx

  3. I completely agree. Being surrounded by fabric and like minded people buying it would indeed be bliss. Need that winning ticket mind.................x

  4. oooh, please do. And have one in Nottingham please. We really do lack in fabric shops around here. As in there aren't any!

  5. What lovely fabric! Maybe one day your dream will come true....?! Keep putting the lottery on! x

  6. That would be fantastic! Look what you've already done with your bags. I'm sure you could pull off a fabric store if you set your mind to it!!


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