Friday, 23 September 2011

Custom Orders

I love the fact I am quite a diverse 'crafter', in that I mean that I will take on just about any challenge. Quite some time ago I was asked by the very lovely lady called Clare if I would make a Kindle Cover out of some leather samples I was given. I said yes and took on the challenge. Fast forward to a month ago and Clare was back asking if I would like to make another.....Oh Yeah!! Then one turned into two. And here they are.

One for Clare's Dad which were 'manly' colours. Brown for the front and tan for the back and a cute book motif for the front.

The other for Clare's Mam which were lovely shades of pink and mauve. Clare's Mam is a quilter so I tried to mimic a quilt square and popped a pretty button in the middle.

Now I have an order for another two (not Clare), the theme dragonflies!!

I kinda feel that I've been neglecting you all lately. I know that I haven't been providing you all with the usual amount of blog eye candy and for that I am truly sorry, please bare with me I promise there will be lots of photos to come soon. I'm still popping in and reading your blogs just not commenting very often. I'm still being nosey though :) very busy time for lil'ol bagladee at the moment.


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