Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Welcome to my 'secret' world

Some of you have been here before when I showed the 'ta da' photos, right back in the beginning when C created the most wonderful workspace all just for me! For those of you who have are probably thinking 'shame on you' for letting it get so messy and for those of you who haven't then you're in for a right treat.

(No one actually comes up here other than me, C has tried to but gets shooed away, this is our secret OK)

Because of the crazy hecticness (if that's a word) of the last couple of months my beautiful workspace wasn't so beautiful anymore. When ever I went to get something out that I needed, I had to pull about five other things out just to get to it and just never put it back :( So last week I decided 'no more' I had to have a re-organise, I had to get things into order to make my work hours more productive.

So here are the pictures, before and after:

 Before: this was my fabric stash corner, not very organised at all and as you can see from the other photos most of the fabric is all over the floor (fabric sin!!!).

After : fabric moved and boxes re-organised with the least used 'stuff'. I may be 31 but I still love my stuffed teds :D

Before: I am not proud I let it get this bad ;) I'm surprised I could find anything in this mess!?!?!

After: a new home for all my fabric and felt and look no fabric on the floor.....Wooooo!!

OK, so I didn't have to organise it into colours, but it just looked so much prettier when I did.

Before: anything and everything stuffed under the desk, including my lovely felt which looks better in its new home where I can appreciate its vibrant colours.

After: all my ribbons, leather samples, cottons, scraps and tool boxes neatly stored away. Box sorted with the very few items of stock that I actually do have (good thing as means all others are sold).

Before: this is my 'relaxing area' although in that mess there definitely wasn't any relaxing going on here. Just moving mess from corner to corner.

After: now doesn't that look better? A place to sit and read or hand sew and a place to put my cup of tea :)

Now its all organised and I have a tidy workspace, its work, work, work. Or as I should say craft, craft, craft it never feels like work when I'm here doing what I love. 


  1. I'm SO jealous of all that space! I'm sure I'd do more/better work if I could see all my stash, instead of rifling through umpteen crates!

  2. Oh how lovely, what a great workspace. I keep meaning to sort my space out, but there's so much junk in there and getting it out means doing things like floorboarding the loft and putting up shelves downstairs...

  3. So very lucky ... Perhaps when Jamie leaves home I'll have her bedroom ... At least 5 years to wait though! Lol

  4. My space looks like that too sometimes! When I don't go in the room for a while - it becomes a mess - how does that work?

    Your room cleans up nicely :)

  5. the workspace is great! and all that fabric to choose from too!

    Josie x

  6. what a transformation!

  7. Love seeing the before and after! Thanks for letting us take a peek into your craft space.


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