Thursday, 1 September 2011

Are you ready to drool?

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on another trade order. This one was destined for Unbox Shop in Lancaster. It arrived yesterday so here I am to show you these lovelies.

There were 5 clutches and 5 purses in the order. This order was different to others. Normally (and I have learnt this through experience only) I buy in fabrics that are either in season/fashion or what I think a wide range of customers will like. This time I sourced Autumn/Winter fabrics that I thought would fit in with Unbox and their exhibition. I love their shop and their style and these fabrics I picked are very 'me'.

I love the lemon clutch 'Juicy Lucy' and could def see myself accessorising an outfit with it. It has made me remember the reason why I started out making bags. Bright and funky fabrics are a vice of mine and these were an absolute pleasure to make.

I already have my eye on some more funky fabrics and plan on adding lots more clutches to my website very soon.

The ones pictured above will be available on my website but there will only be one of each.


  1. Very lovely :)
    Just been to have a lookie at the website and the masquerade clutch seems to be free, you haven't entered a price, it says £0.00, get on over there woman!!!!

  2. These are really gorgeous - I love the lemon one!

  3. I love the one with the lemons!!
    Those are amazing!


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