Sunday, 15 January 2012


32 today, how the hell did that happen :D Its been a lovely relaxing day, breakfast courtesy of my very lovely other half and a huge bouquet of flowers. Lots of beautiful cards (thanks everyone) and some very thoughtful gifts (thanks Rach xx).

To say I feel different would be silly, but I feel like this year I have to step up to the mark on being 'grown' up. I dont think that has anything to do with a birthday just more to do with current events. I feel happy and content :D Happy Birthday me!!

Off to have a Sunday roast and a spot of Birthday cake!! Nom Nom!!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like you are having a lovely day!

  2. NO! You don't need to be more grown up!
    I have 3 bed-semi, esate car, 2 kids, 2 cats and of course the husband and i don't fancy being a boring old grown up! ;)

    Happy birthday again! xxx

  3. happy birthday Emma!
    32 isn't the year to be a grown -up...i'm 34 and I'm not a grown up yet ;-) I hope you had a great day xx

  4. A very happy Birthday to you, I agree with the other comments I'm 33 and not at all grown up or responsible, grown up is boring ;-D lol

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!! (sorry its a day late)


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