Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hey there 2012!!

The start to 2012 didn't go quite as I'd hoped. Being ill since the day before Christmas eve was not planned nor was it dragging on into 2012. This is most probably the result of working flat out all year and then comes the dread flu.

However I think I can excuse this fact due to 2011 over all being a pretty fantastic year with lots of seeds planted for 2012. Today I spent an hour or so reading through 2011's blog did all that really happen??? My high lights would have to be joining to raise funds for the Japan Earth Quake Appeal and the Riot Raffle, learning to make and decorate cupcakes (a little self indulgent), my SBS win from Theo Paphitis (oh and the fact he loved my Gingerbread men) and my first advert in Elle Magazine.

I have high hopes for resolutions just lots of wishes.

Happy New Year to you all, here's to a happy and prosperous forthcoming year. And that all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled.



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