Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sewing and Planning

So far this week there has been lots of sewing, lots of planning and lots of thinking. To say I have planned the next 12months out would sound utterly ridiculous but on paper I have. Right down to the week. There are lots of things I should have already completed but they just seem to be getting shoved down the list at the moment.

The first one of those tasks being to sort out my website and get my new products listed, there will be new purses, new mini clutch bags and a little bit of a revamp going on. Tomorrow I have 2 saddle bags to complete, one of which is new the other is a 'Betty' bag.

Another pre-Christmas kindle cover order.

Saturday we are going out with family to celebrate both mine and C's birthdays (C's was today, Happy Birthday Babe xxx) but I am hoping to sneak a little bit of sewing at some point.

I did think that January maybe a quiet month as far as orders were concerned but its been quite busy and they are still coming in. Kindle covers are still very popular hence the photo above. Thank you Amazon for creating the Kindle, its certainly kept me very busy over Christmas.


  1. Sometimes the only way is to be SUPER organised! Wishing you lots of luck in sticking to your plans! :o) xx

  2. Good Going Emma..... Good to read about you.


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