Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A pair of Scotties

A few weeks ago now a lovely lady named Gill contacted me through Twitter and asked if I could make a shoulder bag out of some fabric that she loved. The fabric she was talking about was the Scotties fabric from Clarke and Clarke, I love this fabric too. One bag quickly became two, Gill's only stipulation was that she wanted them slightly different from one another.

After a little bit of a think I ordered some gorgeous Klona cottons from Patch Fabrics and got to work. Apart from the little glitch of Bestie blowing a fuse it didn't take me long to get the fabric cut out and start piecing them together. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen a few Work in Progress shots.

And here they are all finished just before I wrapped them up and sent them on their way. I have already had more requests for bags in the same material and some other gorgeous fabric found by a customer.....and the answer is yes I can make any of my designs in almost any fabric. If you would like a custom bag please do get in touch. I will be adding a 'bespoke' page back to my website after all the queries I've had.

I love to make custom orders, I really connect with the task of fulfilling a brief set by a customer.....hope my next one will be as lovely as the last :D

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  1. They are gorgeous - I have two scotties so they are a real hit here!


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