Thursday, 10 May 2012


Time spent absent from my blog is always time spent thinking about things.......and lately there have been lots of 'things' to think about. I have written copious amounts of lists, scribbled on them, re-written them and crossed things out and eventually settled on a definitive list. Its a messy list and no doubt will be re-written for the seventh time but I kinda know where I'm going now and what I need to get done. Sounds cryptic doesn't it, well its not really its just life.

I love not knowing what will happen next, its scary but in the same breath its exciting. Things may not always go to plan but at least if you do have one you know the tasks ahead.

I have been busy making too, I've just completed a trade order which is going to the very lovely shop Had2Buy in Darlington. Been making a special cosmetic pouch for my Twitter friend Michele, a Kindle cover for my good friend Rachel, finished a sample bag for a magazine review and started a couple of new projects which I will show you photos of very soon.

I cant wait to share some of the exciting things that are coming up and hopefully that will be soon. I think Bagladee and I will be taking a slightly different path over the next this space!

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  1. Oooh - which path would that be ? A nice smooth one I hope ! I reckon you're done with bumpy paths !! X


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