Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Special birthday gift

Just before BCTF I unveiled my new version of my cosmetic pouch, how is it different??

Well it has a deeper base and is double lined with sew in interfacing to make it study so that it stands up on its own. I have replaced the felt flower detail with a simple ribbon bow which wraps round the whole pouch and placed a little button at the centre of the bow. This now means that you can machine wash your pouch should you need to.

My lovely twitter friend Michele asked if I would make her one in purples so that her lovely hubby could buy it for her birthday. I said "Yes of course" and here it is....Michele is using hers for a project bag (she makes these gorgeous tiny bears) rather than cosmetics which I think is a totally fab idea.

Want one??? Well you know what to do! emma@bagladee.com or message me on twitter @bagladee custom orders are always my fav :)

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