Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Where One would keep Ones pennies

I knew the second I saw these fabrics that I just had to get them, even though it meant breaking my 'No more fabric buying until August' rule I'd imposed on myself in March. Oooops never mind! :D

It was worth it!! Aren't these little purses just the cutest?

I was almost tempted to keep this one for myself but decided I would share them with you instead :)

£18 (incl p+p) and there are only 1 of each so be quick.

I think I've now become completely obsessed with the Union Jack, first I made a felt pin cushion (photos to come) then I started cutting out pieces for a small cushion and then a large one....still yet to be sewn.

I've found myself being drawn to making just one off pieces. My most favourite items at the moment being the fabric storage boxes. I plan on making some more so watch this space :D

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  1. The fabric is lovely. It's impossible not buy something so great. Your purses look fab, love the design. Ali x


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