Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Impromptu midweek post....

Hello there my lovelies, I have ummed and ahhhed over writing this post and even deleted it twice. But I'm hoping this time, I actually get to the end and publish it. Here goes.....

If you have followed me on Instagram you will know that over the last year and half I have completely changed my eating habits and started exercising regularly. I managed to lose in total 20lbs and drop two dress sizes, which I was over the moon about!!! Since Christmas I have slowly started to slip back into bad habits. I'm still exercising but I'm really struggling to keep away from sweet treats, weekends are the worst. I'm not making excuses but there is some other shit going on in the background at the moment which could be linked to my loss in focus.

So I decided that if I came clean here that I could draw a line under it and starting from today try to get back on track. So this is me putting the biscuit tin down right now.....

Hopefully I will be able to distract myself with some sewing this weekend to make sure I stay away from the naughty things!

OK I feel better about it all now already writing it down, thanks for reading, lets do this!!!


  1. I have been slipping with my healthy regime too so I am happy to support you with this. From now on, no sneaky sweet treats from the biscuit tin.

    1. Hi Tracy :) thanks for helping me keep on track, it can be so difficult when you lose focus. I certainly have so far this year. Its gonna take some serious will power to get back on track. xx


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