Friday, 16 June 2017

Learn a new skill : Modern Calligraphy

Happy Fri-yay my lovelies, I hope you have all got something nice planned for the weekend. Especially if you're in the UK, apparently this weekend is going to be a scorcher!!! 
Lets hope so :D

Let me start off with giving you all a quick update as to where I'm at and what I'm experiencing/feeling since being made redundant from my 'day job'. As I said in an earlier post the first few days, in fact the first week just felt like I was on holiday. So I dont think I really knew how to act or feel. I did have days where I felt a little lost. I think this was due to Mr.B still working and it felt like I was on holiday on my own....bit of a strange feeling. So I busied myself with house work and relaxing. I did a little bit of reading (which is totally not like me), planning and writing notes about the things that really make me happy (this was soooo good to do, try writing a list of 7 things that make you happy) and I spent quite a while sorting through all of the fabrics I had in my stash. This week I seem to be settling down into my own personal routine which feels AMAZING!!! Let hope I can some how keep some of that in my life going forward whatever I decide to do.

Anyway....I have also spent quit a lot of time practising my modern calligraphy, which was obviously the purpose of the post but yet again, Emma went off on a tangent!

I met a lovely lady called Lauren at Kirsty Allsops Handmade Fair who was teaching one of the workshops I had signed up to. We had great fun learning the very basics, but once I was home I wanted to learn more. A friend had bought me a modern calligraphy set for my birthday in January which I hadn't opened.... I quickly ordered some practice paper and inks from Laura's website 'Oh Wonder' and thats it!!! As soon as it arrived I got started and I'm hooked!!!! I want to run at a pace of a million miles and be able to just go ahead and write something pretty but I have to keep reminding myself that to be good you need to practice, practice, practice. So I've been starting off with alphabet drills and then just writing words that I like. Favourite letters to write so far are, h, m and r. 

Its a wonderful way to lose yourself for an hour or so in the quiet calm of your mind, its very relaxing and I'm slowly starting to make improvement (top pic is my current progress).

Its good to learn a new skill, there are so many out that that I want to learn, its a wonder how I will fit them all in :D

Have a wonderful weekend....
Emma xxx

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