Thursday, 8 June 2017

The last day...

Hello my lovelies, I cant believe that its been a week today since my last day at my day job!!

I was very anxious about my last day, I didn't know what to expect, or how I was going to feel. I didn't sleep much the two nights before either. There was never a feeling of am I doing the right thing, I think it was more about the stepping out of my comfort zone and into the unknown (well unknown for the last 13 years). 

I spent most of the morning feeling sick, nervous, anxious....and then I was called into the main office for my official "send off" at 10am even though I wasn't actually finishing until 4pm. Everyone was so lovely, there was a speech by the financial director of the company, then I was asked to say a few words. Now I cant tell you what I said because I honestly cant remember a word, my hands were shaking and my legs felt like jelly. There were lots of hugs and I was given a card and collection. I managed to keep my shit together just enough time for everyone to disperse and then I cried :'( 

It was all officially over!! 

I spent the rest of the day, saying my goodbyes to individual people and packing up the last bits and pieces from my desk.

At 4pm I was walked out by some of my work colleagues/friends and Mr.B drove us through the gates for the last time......

I really cant thank them enough, I was overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity and I will miss them very much.

But its all about writing my next chapter now and where it will take me.

....Emma xxx

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