Thursday, 16 February 2017

Make 9...

I have actually set my first task on my new sewing journey and boy is it a task, well you know me its either all or nothing lol. 

A few of the sewing blogs/vlogs I follow have taken on the challenge of "Make 9" for 2017, now I'm not going to pretend for one minute that I have 'joined up to' or even 'committed' to this challenge to anyone, no pressure remember, I just decided that it was a really good way to start the ball rolling and give me a little direction and allow me to set some goals....I like that sort of thing, always good to have something to aim for. 

So if you have no idea wtf I'm talking about here's a very quick outline. Basically you have to pick 9 different garments/items to make throughout the year, hopefully ending the year being able to make 9 types of clothing you couldn't before. Thats it basically, well I did say it was a very quick outline :)

Wanna see my list? OK now its in no particular order and I'm most likely going to chose the easiest one first to ease me in nicely. Obviously most people have started this in January therefore have had almost a two month head start but I'm sure I can crack this in 10 months.....easy!!! *gulp* insert nervous laugh here!!!

Oh right yeah the on a tangent again

My Make 9 List:

Ultimate Shift dress - Sew Over It pattern

Silk Cami - Sew Over It pattern

Heather dress - Sew Over It pattern

Tunic / Shirt - Simplicity pattern

Jacket - Mimi G / Simplicity

Jumpsuit - Simplicity

Skirt - Simplicity

PJ Bottoms - Simplicity

Formal Dress - Simplicity

There you go thats my 9! Can you tell I like Simplicity patterns???? Not much hey? 

I'm currently taking up some dresses that I bought before Christmas so I will be finishing those first then I think I might start with the PJ Bottoms.....or maybe the Silk Cami? Cant wait to get buying fabric again, its been quite sometime since my last purchase. There may also be a very exciting purchase coming soon too, I think I might actually bust when it finally arrives. Will reveal all soon I promise.

Till next time xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

And "sew" it begins

Hello you lovely lot, still feeling very much under the weather so bear with me on this post. Being poorly has forced me to slow down, well almost stop really and in that time I've been able to think a lot more clearer about myself and where I'm going creatively.

I wrote a post a little while back about drawing a line under bag making for the foreseeable future. Its definitely a decision I'm happy with, it was no longer making me happy as I was so busy with family life that meeting deadlines was becoming stressful, but at the same time has left me in a land of sewing limbo.  

I've flitted in between so many ideas and scenarios over the last year but nothing seemed to motivate me enough to really move forward with anything. If you read my post on MimiG or follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I have discovered quite a few sewing channels over on youtube whilst I've been convalescing in bed/on the sofa. As I'd previously said I used to make garments a long time ago, which is how I got into the bag making scene but its been years since I last did. 

If you want to read a little bit of new blurb about me, go and check out my About me page (click this link or the tab at the top).

So, the verdict is....I'm going on a journey of sewing discovery for myself. There will be no making to sell, no deadlines and no stress. I will be moving forward on a dressmaking journey which I feel started so long ago but then I got distracted and travelled down a different path, so really I'm picking up where I left off. I made a promise to myself at the end of last year that this year would be about me (gosh that sounds really selfish doesn't it?) but its never been about me and you know sometimes you just need to put yourself first for a change.

I'm really excited about the prospect of making my own clothes. So much so I've already bought a selection of patterns that I hope to tackle and some of the tools I will need.

Hopefully there will be plenty of opportunities for me to show you my progress along the way, even when things go wrong, as I'm sure they will from time to time, thats part of the learning process, right?

So I hope you will stick with me along the way, this may finally be the time to get my mojo back :D

thanks for reading xx

Friday, 3 February 2017

"New" Coat

Right before I got sick I planned to write this post and I've only just realised that I had uploaded the photos but not finished the post.....pppffffff!!! 

OK before I even start let me say please excuse the cat hair on my coat in the photos. This is a daily battle for me and if you rummaged in my handbag you would find a lint roller, I actually carry one around with me!!! Yes its true!! We have 3 cats and they all moult like crazy, thats a lot of cat hair!! I'm not even going to mention how many times a week I vacuum, lol.

Any way, so I bought this coat a little time before Christmas from Matalan (its actually on sale here). I loved the style of the coat, its very flattering and for the price its very well made. Only thing was, I wasn't keen on the buttons and with it being a millitary pea coat I wanted to replace them with some regimental buttons.

After a little scouting around on ebay (my second favouritest place on the web) I found these beauties. The plain ones on the left were the ones that came with the coat. 

Crikes look at all that cat hair!!!! :O

They were easy to cut off and I did them one by one to ensure I placed the new ones in the correct place. They are a lot heavier than the original ones but I think that adds to the style of the coat making it feel more expensive than it actually was.

And tah dah!!! This was the end result, I'm really pleased with how it looks and to be honest I've barely had it off. 

And the daily battle to keep the cat hair off it continues!!!! :D

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Do more of what makes you happy...

Hello my lovelies :)

Don't you just hate it when you start the new year with all these good intentions and then WHAM!! its all gone to pot already!!

If you had read the last paragraph of my Merry Christmas post you would know that the plan was to make a lot of changes in both work and personal aspects of my life.........

I was starting to feel ill at the beginning of last week, not surprising really as most of my work colleagues have had cold/flu in various forms, five days on and I'm no better and now I am sporting one of the most spectacular cold-sores I've ever had. To say I am run down would be an understatement. I think stress is playing a significant part in all this but that's another story.

Any way, since I've been stuck in bed or on the sofa I wanted something other than watching TV or films in-between sleeping. I was just googling how to make a jumpsuit (as you do lol) and I found a wonderful you tube channel by a lady named Mimi G.

I'd never heard of her before, she is based in the states and has built her business up by teaching people to sew. Here is her website and this is her youtube channel. I watched her video on how to make a jumpsuit and that's it I was hooked, I then made my way through at least 20 of her videos. She has the most relaxed teaching technique and speaks to you in a way you would understand, there''s no scary technical jargon and anything of a complicated nature she explains perfectly on how to execute correctly. She also has an amazingly easy way of inserting an invisible zip, honestly you need to check this out, its genius!!

A long time ago, I made garments, I loved it, life got in the way, I got a 'real' job and then it was all pushed to the side (obviously with the exception of bag making - but that's different). Watching all of these tutorials on how to make a basic skirt, a shirt dress, leggings, jackets and more wonderful garments its really re-ignited my passion for sewing and its reminded me of how much I really do love to sew. Even if its not to make a living from, just sewing for me, its all about doing more of what makes you happy, right? Well just by watching someone else sewing and thinking about what projects I could have a go at first, that makes me happy!

If you're interested in sewing you should stop by either Mimi's website or if you dare her youtube channel, be warned though you may lose an hour or three once you start watching :D

Right its back to the doctors for me tomorrow to try and get myself sorted, being this ill is just not good, I want to get back to normal asap!! (I don't make a very good patient!! lol)

Dear Mimi G,

Thank you for being so fabulous and giving me a little insight into your sewing world. Its so refreshing to have someone teach in a style that is so easy to understand. I love to sew but had almost forgotten how much....that was until I found your youtube channel and blog!! Many hours later and I'm raring and ready to get back into sewing for myself.....doing more of what makes me happy!! 

Emma xxx 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

RECIPE : Parsnip soup

I kinda stole this recipe from my Dad, well its an adapted version of a recipe he passed onto me after making it one time we went for dinner. Its very much a winter soup, very warming and with a generous chunk of crusty bread, comforting too :)

I've also made a few tweaks to make it even easier.....well what can I say I'm all for the easiness, that way there is no excuse for not eating fresh, healthy food.

You will need: 

25 gms of butter
1 onion finely chopped
1 large parsnip finely chopped
1 large carrot finely chopped
1 medium potato finely chopped
1 clove of garlic crushed
1 teaspoon curry paste
1 ltr of vegetable stock
1/2 cup of milk (of your choice)


Melt the butter in a large pan, add the onion and garlic and cook for 8-10mins
Add the parsnip, carrot and potato and stir
Once combined add the curry paste and mix through thoroughly
Add the stock and stir together
Add in the milk and stir again, cook for 20mins
Blitz in a processor (I used my nutribullet but you do have to wait for it to cool for about 30mins before doing so)
Add salt/pepper to taste and eat!!!!

Enjoy :)

p.s. If you dont have curry paste, which I didn't. Just add 2 teaspoons of the stock to 1 teaspoon of curry powder :)

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Merry Christmas

A very belated Merry Christmas to you all, I do hope it was a one filled with love, laughter and good food. Ours was a quiet one but all the same wonderful. The week before was an exhausting one for me to say the least, the yearly stock take meant I had to work 12 hour night shifts for the week. At one point I had no idea what day it was or indeed what time of day it was!!

Mr.B helped me plan out the week before it started so that everything was organised to the last dot so that I didn't have to worry about anything other than working and sleeping. Which is pretty much all I did :( It passed over quite quickly and it only took me a couple of days to get back into my normal sleeping pattern.

I could then focus on Christmas and relaxing....

We had my Dad stay for Christmas this year and while I couldn't remember a Christmas spent with him he said that he thought I was about 5. So now I'm 36, 11 months and 13 days old, it was a special Christmas to have him here. He made soup for our starter and helped with the lunch, we opened our presents and drank lots of good wine. 

For many reasons I'm hoping that 2017 is different, better, yes but different would be a start. I've come to realise over these last few months that only I can change the direction of my life and now its time I took control. Maybe at the time time I thought sitting back and letting things progress naturally was the right thing to do, but looking back now there are some things I would have done a little differently. I'm not one for looking back or regrets so I'm just gonna get right in there and start the winds of change.

Wish me luck :)

p.s. next post will be a recipe.......parsnip soup!

Saturday, 12 November 2016


Let me just start with saying 'hello', its been so long since I visited this space to see you all that I almost feel like I need to re-introduce myself! As crazy as that sounds, I feel like a different Emma since I last caught up with you all. 

To say that I have been off 'finding' myself would pretty much explain where I have been. There has been minimal sewing but lots of time spent on me (obviously as well as lots of day job working, but thats a boring subject so lets just skip past that). I've been eating healthier, exercising more and generally trying to put less pressure on myself. At the beginning of the year things changed for me, it made me take a really good look at what was really important, it also made me realise that I was always running around trying to make all the people around me happy and in turn it was exhausting. Flick forward 8 months and we've (me and Mr.B) have been on holiday (very much needed), spent a lot of time getting our beautiful home just how we want it (still on going) and planning things in for the year ahead.

I'm just about starting to feel a little 'Christmassy' I'm easing myself back into sewing by making my felt decorations. There's something comforting and familiar about these little guys. I enjoy making them, I dont really have to think about it too much, I just let it happen and I can pick it up pretty much just when I feel like it. 

If you have noticed, which I hope you have, I've made a little change to the look of my blog. This is my way of saying "I'm back" and I promise this is the start of me being a little more present in blog land. 

It feels good to be back :)