Saturday, 25 October 2014

It's all in the planning...

Normally I am oblivious to everything at this time of year, frantically prepping and making stock for up and coming Christmas fairs. But not this year. I decided it was finally time I took a little step back and actually enjoyed the festive season.

So this week I have planned in my remaining holiday allowance at the day job and started popping dates into my diary. We really want to have the majority of the decorating finished before Christmas so that will be many a weekend spent in overalls. 

Ironically tomorrow is mine and Mr.B's 12th Anniversary and in those twelve years we have only spent one of those having Christmas in our own home. Now since we have this beautiful home to accommodate everyone we are having both mine and Mr.B's parents here for Christmas. I'm sure it will be chaotic and stressful at times but I am so looking forward to it. 

Can you believe at 34 years old I have never cooked a turkey? I know how shocking is that!!! Well they say there is a first for everything but at least I will have my Mam here to bail me out if it all goes a bit wrong :) Writing this post I have just realised how excited I am for Christmas it's been such a long time since I have been. 

Anyway enough waffle about the festive season. Since it's Saturday morning it's cup of coffee and To Do list writing. Have a lovely weekend whatever to have planned. See you next Saturday! :D

Saturday, 18 October 2014


As you already know we have two fury babies in our family who have made many appearances on my blog over the years. Well three weeks ago this little lady came to live with us. Her name is Summer and she is two years old.

Due to circumstances at her previous home she felt she no longer wanted to stay there and was visiting our garden all day, every day. After a long chat with her owner she asked if we would consider taking her in. She was very thin from not going home to be fed and on quite a few occasions she would sit staring at our two through the window. 

How could I say no to this adorable little face?!? That's right I couldn't and she moved in on the Sunday. 

There's been a few grumbles to the other cats in the first week or so but that has subsided and they are all quite content to eat their food and snuggle on the sofa together. 

Oliver still thinks he's ruler of the roost and needs telling every now and then that girls don't really like to wrestle but I'm sure in time he will get the message.

Three cats! Well I never thought this would happen but all three came to us as they needed homes so we of course obliged and let them in. I love my fury babies :)

Don't tell him I said this but Mr.B is totally smitten with Summer and she seems pretty hooked on him too. Not bad considering he always said he never wanted cats :D I knew he'd come round eventually.  

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Edge stitching heaven

Ok so this week I have been busy finishing another custom order. This one is a Mama bag but I've made a few adjustments to the original design. The strap on this one is slightly different having two square 'rings' rather than just the one with the slider. This also means that each side has it's own tab making the bag even more sturdy along side with an extra layer of sew in interfacing. I was thinking of putting a zip closure on the opening but since all the pieces were already cut I will have to stick with the magnetic fasteners for this one. 

I was actually thinking of moving on from this design but it still seems to be popular and everytime I make one I really enjoy doing do. So maybe it will stick around for a little while longer yet :)

Also this week I managed to get my hands on one of these little babies! I've been looking for one for a while but couldn't find one for my old or should I say vintage Janome. It's an edge stitching foot. Now not blowing my own trumpet but I would consider my edge stitching to be very neat but as a bit if a perfectionist when I saw you could get one of these I thought I've just got to have one. So here it is. 

Can't wait to see how 'perfect' it makes my edge stitching. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Sweet and gingery...

I definitely know Autumn is here when the leaves are starting to really turn with reds and gold, the sun low in the sky and these little guys making an appearance once again.

I'd never get tired of making them. And days like today are perfect, no day job, Mr.B is at work, it's just me and the three kitties (did I mention we have a new member of our family), the sun is shining and the day is ALL mine :) 

I can never make enough of them, they fly out like hot cakes, or should I say biscuits. So if you would like any for your Christmas tree this year be sure to get in quick. I can also embroider names on the back of them if you wish, they make fab gifts that will last for years to come.