Saturday, 28 June 2008

Game, Set and Match....

Even though it was 12:30am when we got back last night, Wimbledon was great!!!! We saw Roger Federer & Serena Williams win and a couple of other matches. We drank plenty of Pims but there was so much tennis we didn't have time to fit in the strawberries and cream :( never mind.
It was then off on the tube to Leicester Square for Pizza and beer a quick stroll round then back on the train. Phew.....what a packed day. Excellent :)

As soon as we got home I checked the mail box and to my glee there were three packages in there for me.

One package was the gorgeous zips just blogged. One was an item that I have bought for my first giveaway gift bags (which will be soon, watch this space).

And then last of all was a package that I knew straight away who it was from!!! I was nearly hopping up and down with excitement, there wasn't even time to take off my coat and shoes!!!

Straight upstairs to grab the camera so I could show you all:

As always fantastically packaged by you Sarah!


Look at what was inside!!!!!

Pride of place on the shelf in my living room!!!
A surprise gift from my friend Sarah at Paper and String.
If you all hadn't guessed I love cats! Thank you sooooo much Sarah I love my surprise package!! You really are a super duper bloggy friend. And thank you for your lovely note in the card :) Ah both kitties are soooooo cute. Many thanks xx

Zips, zips glorious zips!!

I've been at it again!! Couldn't resist buying some more of these colourful zips. In truth I only needed the odd two or three of a certain colour.....but they are so cheap and irresistible I thought why not?

More choice when there's more to choose from ;)

Here they all are.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Diamonds are a girls best friend........

..... even when they're not real!! I just had to blog about these gorgeous diamante buckles that arrived today. I was really struggling to source these, they are practically impossible to get in the UK and even when you can find them the price is so expensive.

That was until I found Jennifer who has a fab shop on Etsy she sells vintage jewelry and its just gorgeous. If you didn't already know these are the buckles I use on my clutch bags, they add that little bit of extra special sparkle to each bag. I love them!!!!!! Thanks Jennifer!!

P.S. If you would like to see how they look on my clutch bags click here!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I'm on cloud 9 :)

The verdict on the 'Man Bag' was SUCCESS!!!! My customer loved his bag and I am sooooo pleased. **big grin from ear to ear**

Now for an update:

Well this week I have spent every spare moment I have had cutting out some more pieces for makeup pouches and purses. (The fabric purchased a couple of weeks ago, oriental and cupcake fabric). And with the coloured zips I have they look yummy!!!! Cant wait to show you all the pictures......

Work has been very tiring lately so I'm looking forward to my day off on Friday where I am going to spend the day at Wimbledon watching the tennis. YEY!!!!!! It'll be nice to spend some quality time with Chris, we have both been so busy lately its just been crazy!

So we'll be off on the train early, spend the day watching the tennis, drinking Pimms (yum, yum!) eating strawberries and cream and then off for Dinner somewhere nice and back on the train in time to feed my kitties Nell and Oliver.

I am hoping to spend most of the weekend sewing and organising some bag parties that I'm lining up. I love Etsy but still yet to make a sale and I know a few ladies that have a rather large soft spot for bags!!!!! So all in all a fab weekend ahead.

I just want to say, I have read lots and lots and lots and lots of blogs this week and they have all been fantastic. A huge pat on the back for you all, there really are a lot of talented people out there and when I read them it makes me forget that sometimes the world can be a horrible cruel place.
Its all you kind, artistic and imaginative people that make the world a little more colourful and 'easy on the eye' ;) thank you to you all!!!!!!

One thing that I am busting with excitement is that Sarah, oh the lovely Sarah is making me a gift!!!! I so cant wait to see what it is!!!! Its like Christmas come soon. Speaking of which check out her new felt things for Christmas they are fantastic!!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

***TOP SECRET*** TA DA!!!!

Its finally finished!!! This is the project I've been working on....and although it looks very similar to the lap top bag I made last month this is actually my very first 'MAN BAG'. I was commissioned by a very good friend whom I work with to make a 'MAN BAG' we discussed the fabric combination and this is what we came up with....the only thing I did hold back on was not putting any diamantes on as detail. For obvious girls like them sparkly things but not a favourite I think amongst men (I could be wrong there though, they could all be closet Rhinestone Cowboys ;) ha ha).

Simple panels with bright yellow stitching.......

Instead of the diamantes we went with subtle white panelling to add a bit of depth.....

And lastly internal pockets in the same floral fabric to break up the black fabric.

If there are any guys out there looking please leave me a comment, I would love to hear what you think of it. Many more different fabrics available (this was just the one my customer chose).

I'm so pleased that its finished and it turned out really well.
I'm currently working on some makeup pouches and purses which I will post pictures of soon and just finished a felt flower brooch that a friend asked me to make. Plenty of sewing planned for tomorrow :)

Friday, 20 June 2008

Just a quick note......

Just got back from returning the Vilene that was sent in error and HURRAH I have the correct weight now and DOUBLE HURRAH they gave me an extra 4 meters for free with a big fat apology!!!! RESULT.

I'm as happy as a pig in mud now (me in craft ha ha!) I can crack on with my top secret project and post some pictures tomorrow!! YEY!!

Tra la la la la la la de daaaa!!!!!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Ooooohhh how annoying......but then cheered up by a blog friend!!

OOOooohhh time to have a rant!! After waiting 10 whole days for my Vilene to arrive it comes with the post man. So I spent most of the day at work looking forward to finishing my top secret project and delivering it to its new owner.

Only to get home, rip open the parcel (as I was not in when the postie arrived) and to my horror found that the 10 meters of medium weight Vielene was actually 10 meters of soft weight Vielene. To some not a major me completely useless.

So I was straight on the phone to a very well know establishment (not an Internet purchase J*hn L*wis) only to be told I had ordered the wrong one!!! Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I politely pointed out that it was not me who had typed the order into their computer system, but one of their employees. Which I had stated on several occasions that I specifically needed MEDIUM weight, as I have been buying it there for approx 4 years and cannot use any lighter.

Anyway after a long conversation I'm returning it tomorrow and going to Hobbycraft to purchase some instead. I think fore said shop has now lost my custom. An easy mistake to be made but I had to tell my customer that they have to wait another 4 days....not very professional on my part!!


But it all changed when I checked to see if anyone had left me a comment on my blog (which I do about 5 times a day!) and found that Rachel had left me a lovely cheer me up comment and to add to that I read her blog and she has a picture of the most amazing cup cakes that she'd made!! My mouth was watering looking at them.....they are so colourful too!! You should definitely get over to her blog and check them out!!!! click here

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Feeling down? Retail therapy gives me a boost!!!

Feeling a bit disheartened at the comments on blog = no one to chat/talk to, or give feedback :( and still no sales on Etsy = big fat zero and left me wondering 'What am I doing wrong?'.

Posted on my shop that my first 3 Etsy customers would receive free shipping and a special free gift and still no takers.
Maybe I'm being impatient? Maybe people don't know I'm there?

So to give myself a bit of a boost I went for a browse around Etsy and found these fab qtrs of fabric!!! Perfect for some girly makeup pouches and purses!! At least the joy of bag creating keeps the smile on my face :)

Isn't it fab!?!?
Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer you up.
I'm off to have a big clear out in my wardrobe, it needs de-cluttering. Which definitely constitutes a shopping spree afterwards!!! And I love how organised it all looks when its finished (not that it lasts long though, probably only 2 days! ha ha).

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Back to Business

Back to crafting this afternoon, and this is the result of this weeks stolen moments of sewing.

These are felt brooches with bead embellishment. Each brooch has a bagladee tag and pin on the reverse.

They can be worn on a jacket, shirt or top or as I like to use them on my bags....adds a little something extra.

I will be listing these on Etsy shortly for sale, although I have already sold the Red brooch to a good friend of mine. If you miss out convo or email me and I can always make some more.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Blog friends are the Best.....

I was doing my usual internet browsing late last night, visiting my favourite blogs, checking my ETSY shop and my emails when look what I found.........

Its ME!!!!! Bagladee…..I am soooooooo happy, excited, proud, giddy, a multitude of emotions.

I sent Sarah from Paper and String a little gift as she had been feeling ‘under the weather’ and I wanted to say thank you for being such a super duper blogging friend.

And she loved it…..the feeling that I get when someone really appreciates the time and effort lovingly put into everyone of my creations has got to be the best pick me up you can find. I have been floating on a little cloud of self pride today and it felt really good!! :) thanks again Sarah.

To read the full feature click here.

The Wonderful world of HOBBYCRAFT!!!

How dare I call myself a crafter when I haven't even stepped foot inside a 'Hobbycraft'!! Well that all changed today when a friend of mine took me there this afternoon. What a fantastic place, I could have spent all day in there and bought half the shop :)

What I did come out with were some bits and bobs for bagladee stuff.

Not sure if you can see it but I got the cutest paper punch that punches a little handbag out....PERFECT!!

And then I saw this felt and thought of Sarah from Paper and String and I just couldn't resist getting it for her. And on my next post you will see why........

Where's Bert???

I would like you to meet Ernie, he is a little 'Happy Tree' from the land of 'Paper-and-string'. He has a little friend called Bert, who is also a Happy Tree, who lives far away with my niece Jade (hello Jade :) ) and Ernie is sooooo looking forward to meeting up with his friend very soon.

In the mean time he likes to spend his days keeping Emma company while she drives to work and back everyday in her car.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Oh Bother!!

Can you believe it I've ran out of Vilene interfacing!!! So thats the TOP SECRET project is on hold for now!! :(

So to keep those crafting juices flowing I've been making some felt brooches. Smaller than the original one I made as a prototype (which is on its way to my Mam, hope you like it Mama?).
Its been nice to sit on the sofa and sew away, with a mix of watching the football, catching up with Chris and watching the odd bit of my fav TV programmes.

No date of interfacing being delivered so I'm planning on photographing the brooches this weekend and listing them on ETSY. Then hopefully spending some time catching up with long last.

I also did a little bit of Etsy shopping yesterday and I'm off there now to look for some more little bits and bobs. Also thinking of doing a freebie give away on my blog so watch this space for some bagladee goodies. :)

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Under Construction....TOP SECRET!!

Thought I'd just pop by and update you all......Ran Race For Life last Sunday in 35 minutes. And loved every minute of it....really I did.

What an emotional but elating day. Overall I managed to raise £700 for Cancer Research. Which is fantastic, so a very big thank you to all who sponsored me.
Next year I'm planning to do the 10km run so watch this space (lots more training needed me thinks!) :))

OK, this week has been a bit hit and miss.......I planned to do all sorts of things. Washing, ironing, sewing, but all that seemed to go right out of the window and I have no idea how or why? So yesterday I promised myself that I would get some chores done and start sewing!

So far I've managed to do all the washing which has now created a mountain of ironing...OH LUCKY ME!!!

And more importantly I have made a start on another commissioned bag. I'm not giving anything away though until it is finished and I will post some pictures.

I have also been experimenting with some felt, by making some flower brooches inspired by the lovely Sarah from Paper and String I will shortly post some pictures of them. And I will be listing them on Etsy sometime this week. Pop by and have a peek.

Sunday, 1 June 2008 first craft fair!!

WOW, what a really good day today!! Did my first craft fair and met some really lovely people. Thanks so much to Helen for inviting me, I got some very valuable info of do's and don'ts and where to find the next few craft fairs.

And to top it all off I sold a purse.....first of many more to come I hope. Wasn't expecting to sell anything so it was a major bonus!

OK then here are some pictures of my table all set out this morning.......

Very proud to see all my crafty lovelies all set out so neatly. Some peoples comments were do you make these yourself? My reply.....'I certainly do!! With great love and attention.'

You may have noticed in the pictures that there were some clutch bags for sale. These are my latest addition to the Bagladee family. And have been received with good reviews so far. (I have to admit I have one that I take out on regular nights out!! Well why not hey?) They are fantastically roomy......I can cram loads inside mine on a night on the town.
Well I have been ordered to go and get some sleep before I take part in Race for Life wish me luck!!!