Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Mish mash of everything.

Today I feel as though someone has picked me up and shook me like a cocktail shaker. There are sooo many things whizzing through my mind at the moment I'm not even quite sure what the day is!

I think I have 'to do' lists coming out of my ears and I've even had to put up a wall planner just so that I don't forget where I'm suppose to be or what I should be doing.

I'm slowing (very slowly) gaining control of the endless lists.

Starting with Sunday I got all 4 of the clutch bags finished, and I so wanted to post the photos today but since the weekend the light hasn't been too good and it was so late tonight when I got in from work that there was no chance. So I will try to get some taken tomorrow.

I have also started a custom order for a cosmetic pouch and coin purse, still some sewing to do so once finished, as always you will get to see the photos.

One thing I do find is that once I start writing a post for my blog everything seems so much clearer......I know what is to be done and when. OK must dash, lots to do and don't forget tomorrow is the last day for entering my giveaway. Click here or the photo to the right to take part.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Magenta & Black GIVEAWAY!!!!

As I was saying in the post about black and white all the way last week, I love monochrome. But I have to say my all time colour combo favourite has to be magenta and black (If you have seen my website you will know how much I like it). So I thought to myself why not have a magenta and black themed give away? So here it is.....my booty of items bought at Hobby craft.

It includes:
A pack of decorative papers
12 pieces of felt (4white, 4pink, 4black)
Black card stock (perfect for making mini note cards)
3 bobbins of thread (pink, black, silver)
4 generous rolls of ribbon (flowered, silver, black satin, pink with white dots)

Perfect I think for making creative note cards, bookmarks, brooches....well whatever your creative little soul desires.

To take part in this give away all I'm asking is that you comment in this post by introducing yourself and telling us all a little something interesting about you. I think it would be nice for me and you to get to know each other..... and that's it :) don't forget to leave a contact and winners will be chosen (as always from my famous felt bucket) on Wednesday 1st OCTOBER.

I will start you off: "Hi I'm Emma, I used to go to dance class when I was younger and when I was 15 I won the Lincolnshire & Humberside Under 16 Championships :) ".

And look what Mr.Posty brought me today, another package from Paper and String.....I am feeling prematurely festive at the mo so I thought it would be a good time to think of some Christmas inspired brooches. Of course I'll show you when they are done.
OK then get posting!!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Taking part in my first swap!

I read a while ago about some craft swaps that were taking place, first one was a toadstool swap kindly arranged by Lucy Kate Crafts and then a robot swap organise by Claire. I so wanted to join in but felt a little new to all this blogging so I sat back and watched the swappers get their packages.

I was eagerly awaiting the next one to pluck up the courage to take part, and French Knots didn't disappoint. And before I knew it I was paired up with my swapping partner.

Hi Elizabeth **wave** I have no idea yet what I will make so I will be doing a little research over the next week or so and I have read Elizabeth's blog from beginning to end to get to know her a little so hopefully she will like what I have made.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Too true!!

When I was standing browsing through the wooden/rubber stamp section in Hobbycraft on Friday I came across these little funnies that almost made me laugh out loud and I could even feel myself nodding my head :)

All roads lead to somewhere, so if you feel lost just keep driving.

Friends are like psychiatrists with a sense of humour.

And my favourite of all....

My idea of housework is sweeping the room with a glance!

Genius :)

Friday, 19 September 2008

Black and White all the way ;)

You could say that these brooches are inspired by all the controversy surrounding Newcastle United Football Club & its owner Mike Ashley or it could just be because I love monochrome!!

I'm a fan of anything teamed with black: magenta & black, lime green & black, but you can never go wrong with monochrome.

Gorgeous silver and gold beads in the centre.

3 different combinations

All packaged up and ready for the website

I love Friday afternoons, mainly because I only work my day job until 1pm but also because its the start to the weekend and I can get some dedicated sewing time in. I especially loved today as I made a trip to the greatest shop there is......I could spend a good few hours in there browsing and then buying ;) have you guessed it yet???
Yes, its Hobbycraft and just look at what I bought!!! The plan was to go for some more black card for my brooch packaging, but anyone that knows me knows I couldn't have just gone in, got the card and come straight out! There were loads of sale items and buy 2 get 3rd free, well that's like waving a red rag to a bull.

I bought some goodies for me, some goodies for a dear friend of mine who I know will totally appreciate them and then I bought some goodies for my next 2 give aways. First one planned for just before Halloween (Oooooooohhhhhhhh) and then the next in November leading up to Christmas. So watch out for those, I'm collecting quite a booty for them so they are sure to be great. OK I'm off again, got to finish those clutch bags and put some washing in!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Follow this blog

Have any of you set up the blogger following on your blogspot account? I have and its Grrreeeaaaatt!!!

You add your favourite blogs to the reading list and it shows you who has updated most recently out of that list and gives you a little snip-it from the post. Absolutely fantastic!!!

It means that I know exactly whats going on out there in 'the land of my favourite blogs' all in one space and I never miss a thing. Yey!!!

And if you follow a blog it shows up on that persons profile as followers (see on the right hand side bar just below my profile) :) how good is that?

Monday, 15 September 2008

W-ork I-n P-rogress

Since I shared my tidied craft space with you all at the weekend I thought it'd only be fair that I kept you updated on what was being crafted in it :)

These are 2 new clutch bags for my website the 4 clutch bags that are on there currently were feeling a bit lonely so I thought I'd make them some company.
There's still the internal pouch and lining to sew in, as well as the rhinestones, fasteners and diamante buckle to go on. But I'm loving the colours, I think that after all the drab and dreary weather we've been having in the UK that it should be brightened up with some fab and funky fabrics.

Sorry to break it to you but these 2 beauties aren't for sale, they are a custom order for my Mam :) bless! She couldn't decide whether to have her clutch bag with or without a strap so I went all out and made both. Hope you like them Mama?

Again still to add the little details but should be done soon so I can post them off to her. OK off to finish these little babies!! Check back soon to see them all finished.

TTFN (ta, ta for now!!)

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Welcome to my craftspace...

After a good session of sewing this afternoon, I thought it might be nice if I shared my current craft space with you all. I have seen quite a lot of impressive craft areas/rooms on the Internet lately and its been starting my day dreaming of one day getting my own.

So this is it, its a spare room/office/craft space/dressing room......and up until today was quite cramped and messy. So after a lot of organising and tidying its now looking quite spacious.

Even our books are separated into: Chris, graphic design, bar design, interior design, New York.
Me, fashion design, bags, textiles, gardening my little plant and my m&m figures and my little pony :) (yes I am an adult, I think ;) he he).

And as you can see the desk is separated by my sewing machine on one side and Chris's laptop on the other. Chris has promised me that when we get our double garage built he will build me a room with heating/air con, a cutting desk and lots of storage to keep all my crafty things safe. Oooohhh I cant wait!!!! It will be so girly and crafty!!

And this little princess is one of my kitties, Nell. She was helping me organise and tidy and then decided to chase anything and everything!! We adopted Nell from the R.S.P.C.A nearly 2 years ago, she had been abandoned by her previous owners who moved and left her behind. She spent 6 months on the street before she was picked up by the animal shelter.
And I know it sounds corny but when we went to look for a cat she chose me....apparently she didn't like anyone picking her up or fussing her but when I picked her up she started purring and fell asleep in my arms. So that was it, she's my right hand gal now. Miaow =^.^=

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Back in the flow.

First of all I just want to say a big thank you to Corinne Portalatin from CCDesigns who featured me on her blog this week....my I do get around don't I. Corinne was kind enough to ask me a few questions and show off some of my lovely bags. To read click here.

I have decided that it is about time I got back into the flow of making bags again, I have had a couple of months off from making them but kept the creative juices flowing by making my felt brooches. I was having a bit of a break after I built up a small stock pile of bags, but as I found out having a quick stock take that the sewing machine needs to come out. (I can hear a groan coming from the background, that would be Chris thinking 'Oh no fabric everywhere!!')

I have already cut out some pieces with still some more to do:

I thought I would start with these two fabrics to make 2 clutch bags to add to my website.

This fabric was chosen by my Mam when I was at home visiting, I introduced her to the wonderful world of Etsy :) so this will be being transformed into a clutch bag too, but not sure what colour lining yet, any ideas?


Then I found this material whilst shopping in Ikea, Yes! Ikea. I'm often looking for unusual things to make bags out of. I though that this would make a cool clutch bag or shopper.....better get my robust machine needles out though as it is quite thick!!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

What a productive weekend- BLISS!!

Hooray for the rain!! Yes I do actually mean that.....it has meant that being stuck in doors has motivated me into getting some jobs done.

The usual 'must be done' jobs completed which unfortunately consisted of washing, ironing, cleaning etc. I know there are plenty of people out there who enjoy these activities ;) but I am not one of them. Don't get me wrong I am by no means a lazy person, I just think that these are the things that get in the way of crafting, blogging and (sorry just as I've been typing this the heavens have opened and it is absolutely throwing it down outside, that'll be the garden getting a good watering again- saving me a job!!). Where was I.....Oh yeah chores!!

Anyway onto the good stuff, I did get the brooch packaging finished and all boxed up ready for selling, I also did some maintenance on my ETSY shop. I asked some fellow Estyians in the critique forum if they had any idea why people would not pick me for their treasuries (for all you not accustomed to Etsy, Treasuries are like a favourites page which are showcased on the main page. Good advertising!!!)

Group photo :)

All boxed up

Suggested were my pictures of my items, unknown to me but the little pretty borders that I had framed all my photos with left 2 huge black lines down the left and right hand sides. Which meant they no longer looked pretty when you used them in treasuries :( Its been on my list to do's for a while so I tackled this yesterday and today. All sorted now.
Someone gave me a bit of advice, 'Always spend time updating and improving your photos of your items, after all these are the key to selling.' so simple but so true ! So please feel free to add me to your treasuries!!!! :)
I was also featured again on a blog this week, Fuzzbuzz featured my Rocket Chic bag on Free love Friday, thanks :) you did a fab job Fuzzbuzz!!! To read click here!

And then last of all I listed on a new website called Folksy, another great place for crafters alike to sell their wares.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Posting & Packaging.

Woweee, I went to the post office yesterday afternoon to post some orders out and I got absolutely drenched. The rain was throwing it down, it had been all day. Really grey and windy!!

It hasn't been much better today so I thought I would make the most of being stuck in doors. I've been wanting to make some packaging for my brooches for a while now. I had an idea in my head and this is what I came up with.......

Et Voila!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Organised or what???

All my findings that I need and use for my bags.

Don't they all look fab now that they are all organised and have a home to live in!!! I never knew how much I liked to organise things until I did this.......I could have spent hours doing other things in the house but though I would stop and take a photo.

And then there were all the lovely beads and diamantes that I use for my bags and brooches, I always like to go for bright colours and I love anything that sparkles!!

Oooooooohhhh pretty sparkles :)

And some more........

And then I thought that the other photo's of my 2 new Dragonfly brooches didn't do the colours justice so I took another one when the light was a little better.

I am off now to package up a clutch bag that is off to its new home tomorrow.....and still on my to do list.

1. Brooch packaging
2. Re-vamp Etsy store
3. Add to Folksy
4. Get sewing some more bags (more designs up my sleeve)
5. Start preparing for the Christmas Craft Market in November.

Phew....better get busy!!!

Monday, 1 September 2008

I'm back...

Freshly back from getting my fix of Geordiness. Its always nice to go home and visit my parents, admittedly its not very often but I do try to get back up there as much as I can fit in.

Its strange visiting home, there's always a warm familiarity of the home I grew up in and all the memories that I have but then when I look back and compare the town to now so much has changed. I thought that as I grew up the town would seem smaller, but it doesn't. Still the same place only with a Mc Donald's and KFC (and those who know where I'm from that was a pretty big deal at the time!!! ha ha), maybe its because I'm getting older and I prefer to remember it the way it was when I was at college......Ah they were the days!!

Anyway lovely to catch up with good friends and get re-acquainted with the Geordie accent. You never lose it but you don't use words that people don't understand like, geet, kets, gannin', how'way, ne'way.......Oooohhhh I love it! :)

I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms from crafting, its been a while since I made any bags (pieces for 2 clutch bags cut out but not sewn yet). Although I did finish these two dragonfly brooches.

Planning on working on some packaging this week, and having a good old clear out. Could do with some extra space to store crafty things so taking the opportunity to throw out some clutter. Then I can get down to some serious sewing!!
Almost forgot I was featured on a blog last week, and with all the running around I'd been doing I didn't post about it. Amy who has a shop on Etsy did a lovely piece about me and my bags on her blog :to read click here, apologies Amy for not posting about it sooner and many thanks again!! :)