Thursday, 29 May 2008

Only 1 Day Until Craft Fair

Remember the pieces I cut out last week.....these are the little pouches of loveliness that came out of them!!

The small ones are coin purses, medium- make up pouches to fit in your hand bag and large ones for carrying all your makeup whether you're away for the weekend or on holiday.

Hope you all like them?
Only one more day left to prepare for the craft fair (taking these little beauties with me), even though I've never sold at one before I'm really looking forward to it. Not sure what to expect but I'm sure it will all be fine.
Hoping that my new Moo cards come in time (fingers crossed!!)
Poor Sarah from Paper and String is not feeling too well at the moment so Get Well wishes winging their way to her.

With all the prep for Saturday and running in Race For Life on Sunday I will catch up with you all sometime after that. Have a fab weekend!!!! xx

Monday, 26 May 2008

Just got back...

Arrived back home after hand delivering Maureen's laptop bag and I'm pleased to say she loves it. Definitely will be the talk of the office tomorrow morning.

And hopefully the start of many more. Off now to go and make some more makeup pouches and purses, so much to do before the craft fair on Saturday!!!! How will I fit it all in?

Saturday, 24 May 2008

All ready to go to its new home!!

Thank goodness for the bank holiday you can see I finished Maureen's lap top bag this afternoon. And what a joy it was to make, this is my first laptop bag but I have a feeling that it certainly wont be the last!!!

Just a short post today, I'm off up to Geordie land (Newcastle: for those who need reminding) tomorrow but I will return on Monday to do some more sewing, blogging, photo taking and Etsy'ing.
Have a good Bank Holiday!!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A week of madness and mayhem

Another one of those weeks again....but I have been busy beavering away.

I have been commissioned by a very good friend to design and make a funky lap top bag for her to use for her business. And what a fantastic idea, when you think of the bland choice that it out there. I think the most imaginative one I've seen is pink......but how about having your own unique and funky lap top bag (made in limited numbers) to take with you.

And its all those prettier details that you just don't get with a bog standard lap top bag. I don't know about you ladies but I want delicate but robust stitching with co-ordinating bright fabrics. Adjustable snap fasteners instead of Velcro and of course to look stylish even when you're just at the office.

I hope you like the fabrics Maureen.....hopefully it should be ready for me to bring up with me on Sunday.
If all goes well I will be making the lap top bag a new addition to the collection.

Also this week, I set aside a hour or two to cut out enough pieces to make some make some of the makeup pouches and purses I posted last week. I will be putting them on my Etsy shop this weekend.

Although now I have the urge to buy some more of those gorgeously coloured zips.....I must resist, I must resist!!!!

Got some fantastic news this week, Helen of ShereDesign has invited me to set up a stall at a Craft Fair being held at the Hubb, in Nottingham on 31st May.
Sooooo looking forward to it. I've never sold at a craft fair before, taking my friend Andrea with me for a bit of company and moral support. So you will see me there from 12-6pm with all my Bagladee goodies. I'm signing off for tonight need a well deserved rest!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

All Zipped Up

Oh joy, look what came in the post today!!! I'm so excited I have been waiting for their arrival.

Hopefully I will get stuck into making some more make up pouches and purses tomorrow.

Got to go on a course for work all day but hopefully it will be an earlier finish than normal and I can get back to start cutting out fabric.

I have also had to put some time aside to training for RACE FOR LIFE as I am running again this year. So things have been pretty hectic.

One thing I am looking forward to this weekend is my Mam and Ian are coming to stay for the weekend as its my Mam's birthday, treating her to a slap up meal on Saturday to celebrate!!

Planning on a big sew fest on bank holiday watch this space!!!!!!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Feeling fit and ready for sewing!!!

What a hectic week, work has been so busy and after feeling under the weather the week before sewing had gone completely out of the window.

I did accomplish something this week though.....and that would be that I have officially opened a shop on etsy ( so if you'd like to pop over and have a look feel free. Only a limited number of items on there at the moment but if you keep an eye on it there will be many more additions joining them very soon!!

Speaking of which.....this is what I have been busy doing today and yesterday (outside of work of course.....I really don't know how I find the time!!)

See more of my pictures at lots more to post on there so I hope you enjoy browsing through them.

Off to make some more make up pouches and purses!!!! Oh how I love to sew and make bags!!!