Thursday, 27 February 2014

Learning to last

Ever since I was about 12 I'd wanted to learn to crochet, I knew how to knit at a basic level (this has never progressed) but was always intrigued by 'knitting with one needle' which is how I saw it. I'm not really sure why I never tried it, maybe it was that other hobbies just got in the way. 

Last year I bought a note book (which I keep in my bag for writing ideas in) and in the front page I wrote:

"I want to........"

First line said "1. Learn to crochet" followed by another four projects I'd like to conquor. There was never a time limit and with most things with me they stay on a list and I'm still saying the same thing the year after. But a few weeks ago I just had the urge to search on Etsy for some crochet hooks and within about five minutes they were in my shopping basket and paid for. To be honest I'd pretty much forgotten I'd ordered them (yes my brain is rubbish at remembering things I've done) and was so excited when they arrived with the postman.

I already had some left over wool from a blanket that I'd made Nell just after Christmas so I thought I'll just have a go. I found some fab tutorials on Youtube, too many really. I found myself flitting between videos to see how different they were but then found a couple that were really basic, just what I needed. 

I decided that the wool I had wasn't really suitable (any excuse to buy craft materials) so I ordered two balls of wool from Knit Nottingham which arrived today. If you look at the photo above you can see how ridiculously chunky the magenta wool is :D 

I love to learn new skills and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into a crochet project soon.

Don't worry I'm not trading in my fabrics for balls of wool, in fact my next project is going to be to make a roll for my crochet hooks and I have the perfect fabric in mind for it too.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Crafters Boutique

Did you spot that there is a new sponsored ad at the left side of this post???


Well let me introduce them......

Crafters Boutique is a new online outlet for crafters alike to showcase and sell their wares. I first found out about Crafters Boutique through their Facbook page Craft A Thon, where they have an amazing 6,996 likes. If you've not heard about these community type pages before then let me explain.

Craft A Thon place posts every day which give you as a crafter the opportunity to post a link to whatever the subject may be, it could be blogs, or your own facebook page, maybe what's your newest make or it could be a post based on a theme. Then other crafters can like your comment or pages or even share the post to their own likers so there is a greater potential to reach buyers. I do know there are a lot of people who aren't crafters who follow the page as they are looking to buy handmade gifts and what a great place to do it than here! It doesn't stop there as there are plenty of like minded crafters to offer advice and guidance and a great place to make some fantastic friends too.

From their facebook page Crafters Boutique has been created. Unlike those other huge 'handmade' gift websites (you know who I mean without mentioning them) who charge you listing fees and commission, this website only charges you a rental period so if you'd like to try selling for a month then you buy a month rental period WITH NO COMMISSION!

They promote Crafters Boutique at every opportunity so already you are getting advertising to 6,000+ potential buyers. Dont forget fellow crafters appreciate handmade more than most and they too like to buy handmade.

I've read some great reports and experienced this great community and their new website so why not pop over and see for yourself......and dont forget to say Hi they're a friendly bunch :D

Thank you CRAFTERS BOUTIQUE for advertising with me!