Friday, 30 October 2015

Moving forward....

So this time last year this was me....this was my life.
I was engrossed in making gorgeous creations like the below, I loved it and relished in the fact that when it suited me I could turn out pretty much whatever I wanted or a customer commissioned. I cant tell you how much I love/d to make bags, its something that just felt right and never felt like work....ever!

I started Bagladee because I loved to make bags, it was that simple. I was very lucky to be able to do this, I was/am still working full time in a very demanding job, along side moving to a new house and still in the process of "putting our stamp on it". I was starting to feel stressed and anxious about the smallest of things and couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong. A close friend of mine suggested maybe I was putting too much pressure on myself and maybe it was time I give myself a break. I pondered on it for quite sometime, in fact I think it quite possibly could have been months. One day it just clicked and I decided it was time to just hang up my bag making apron and make a new plan.

It was tough at first, I had my new list of priorities, but I was still seeing all my crafty friends posting about all the gorgeous things they had made and it made me feel sad that I wasn't creating too. That was until I put my plan into action.  

 So at the end of July, I pressed pause on Bagladee and pressed play on what you could say "me".  So this is me now.....kick started my new healthy life style, eating healthier, exercising, I've lost a stone in weight and feel so much better in myself. We took a holiday, the first in 5 year, spent a lot of time with Mr.B, spent quite a lot of time making our home as beautiful as our creative skills will allow and I have found out I really love to be in our kitchen. I'm learning to cook more from scratch, making meals healthier and getting as much fruit and veg as I can.

I love all aspects of my life, past and present and have never regretted any decision I've made as I've always gone with gut instinct. Its all a learning curve right? Isn't that why we're all here, to experience as much as we can in life. There have been tough times too but I'm a firm believer in that bad times help us appreciate the good times.

Slowly I'm getting back into a little sewing, I've stocked my Etsy and Folksy shops with some decorations and maybe I'll get round to making a bag or something soon. But for now, watch out for some homemade cakes, soups and breads....Oh yes and some lemon curd too :D