Saturday, 30 January 2010

This year....

I'm being brave and exhibiting at the BCTF and I have to say that although everything that needs to be done has been written down I am PETRIFIED!!!!!!! This will be my first ever trade fair and I am hoping that it will open new doors for bagladee.

Its funny, I made the biggest sheet of paper by sticking A4 pieces together, sat in the middle and started mapping out exactly what needed to be done. It did look rather like I had lost the plot and was just scribbling ramblings down rather than a structure plan. Oh well.....

It did lead to another "To Do" list, but this time this list is far more important than any before, I have about 9 weeks to get everything sorted.....this includes new samples, literature, and an exhibition stand. I am hoping that at long last the book will be printed, yes I can hear you all saying "Oh Yeah I wondered what happened to that". I'm sure it looks like it was never completed, but I can assure you it was all done and dusted months ago, I'm waiting for the editor to finish unfortunately it is now in the hands of another.......still waiting!! *Sigh*

As from today my blogging is going to change slightly, don't worry I'll still be here....just it will be restricted to makes rather than just ramblings as time is very short. I may even sneak some tutorials in there somewhere :D Have a great weekend.....xx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

You put your iphone where????

Thought I'd have a go at making an iphone cover from scrumptious felt....can you tell what it is?

A yummy scrummy doughnut.....not sure if I will make anymore, just wanted to make something off the cuff and fun. Sometimes you just gotta break the routine.
And this is how I sewed all the little sprinkles on :D

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Oh how I miss it so

I am still without the all singing all dancing lap top :( so much was planned in and the 'To do' list has gone out the window all ready and we're almost through January all ready.

So far there has been copious amounts of sewing resulting in, new felt purses, new bags being finished and photographed, new pouches cut out and a new project.

Its taking me twice as long to tweak my photos in photoshop, but hopefully this week there will be new items added to my website, I've decided that all new stock will be added to all other stock will be listed on my Etsy shop......and as for my folksy shop I just haven't decided. Something has got to change this year so that I can fit everything in, so tonight I will be sitting down with a pad and pen trying to figure it all out!!!

Any suggestions??? I'd really appreciate it.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Birthday revisted

The gorgeous and vibrant bag and shoes that Chris bought me (All chosen by himself, he has impeccable taste)...
Beautiful sparkly open back dress, which I wore to my birthday surprise meal.....

My birthday cupcakes which came from Glasgow were so yummy, the icing is to die for :D

One single candle, not 30, at my request....


And on Tuesday it was Chris's birthday (yes 4 days between us, some say 2 Capricorns are a bad match, I say we both just know each others faults and traits VERY well) he had a Top Gear Cake with the Stig on it.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Mr & Mrs.....

....valentines day, a special day to show the one you love a little extra special affection. I always like to get something quite fun and quirky for my fella, but shopping for a man can be a challenge and since most fellas are not that keen on the 'lovey dovey' stuff (mine isn't) maybe something more practical or functional is the way to go?

How about these for ideas?

Well I don't know about you ladies but I love to get valentines flowers and I drop plenty of hints round about this time :D these are gorgeous and with a box of chocolates what more could you ask for? Hmmmm something sparkly that is traditionally worn on ladies fingers?!?!?! (if there are any blokes reading this, in particular mine, are you getting the hint??)

If you ladies would like something a little fun and quirky for yourself how about one of these and if your man doesn't get you one why not treat yourself.....always good to entertain some good wit and humour :D I think. It certainly made me smile.

If like me you are planning a dinner at home for 2 then there are some great table accessories here I love the fact you can choose a colour scheme. I'm more of a contemporary girl myself and tend to sway towards silver.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more Valentine's theme links......normal posting will resume once I get my all singing, all dancing lap top back. Hope the info helps.

Saturday, 16 January 2010


First of all let me apologise for nil photos in this post, I have lost the battle with our main laptop and it has gone off on its travels to be well and truly sorted out. I'm going to fill you all in on last night from my net book.

So to recap from yesterday morning, there was a champagne breakfast, followed by cards and presents, and wow what presents....Chris bought me a dress, some shoes and a handbag. And then said that all the presents were on one condition that I was to be all dressed up and ready to leave for 8pm. So I spent a leisurely day, playing on the wii, sewing and relaxing. Just as I was making a cup of tea in the kitchen there was a knock at the door, Chris said "You get it and I'll make the tea" off I went to see who was there (I always look out the window before) and there stood at the door was my Mam and Step Dad. I was soooo shocked to see them, the first thing I said to them when I opened the door was "What are you doing here!!" Chris had arranged for them to be here to go for a meal with us. I was so pleased.

After catching up for a little while we all got ready (me in my sparkly new dress and gorgeous shoes) and off we set in the car, with me still having no idea where we were going. About half way there I kinda knew where we were going and again so pleased as we arrived at the Dog and Duck one of my fav restaurants.

As we walked in Chris pointed over to the bar area where not only were Chris's parents and his Uncle, Cousin and his girlfriend were sitting but also my very good friend Andrea was there too. I was so surprised...I had no idea that Chris was planning all this.

We had such a good night, the food was great, we had a few bottles of wine, the service was as always outstanding, and the best part was that everyone was there. There were more presents too, Andrea bought me the most thoughtful gifts, she had some polymer clay cats made that were Nell and Oliver...they are so sweet the one of Nell is even smaller than the one of Oli. She also got me the most beautiful pen which is full of Swarovski crystals in the top and best of all she had a silver ring embossed with "Happy 30th Emma, love Andrea xx" and I haven't taken it off since. Thank you again Andrea!! I love them.

Then when we returned home Chris gave me one last gift....a box of cup cakes!!! Yey. They have (I should say had now as most of them have been devoured) pink, yellow, blue and purple icing and they are so nice.

I had the best birthday ever!!! I cant thank Chris enough, he is so wonderful I'm a very lucky girl and I love him loads :D

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Its official....

I am 30 today!!! I know I cant believe it. I had such a lovely morning, a cuppa in bed, a champagne breakfast, gorgeous gifts from Chris....a dress, a pair of shoes and a Calvin Klein handbag.

And apprently I have to be dressed and ready to leave the house for 8pm tonight?!?! I wonder where I'm going???

Thank you for the card and gifts was so very kind of you to think of me, I love them.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

An unexpected day off...

The roads were atrocious this morning and the road where I drive up to the main road from the house was like an ice skating rink. There were cars and vans stuck, wheel spinning unable to get up the hill, cars sliding down and at least 3 accidents....reports from where I work were not good either, at one point they were stopping people driving down the hill into the business park because the road was so icy.

And since booking a days holiday is cheaper than repairing/replacing a bashed car I decided not to try and make it in so here I am.

Here are some new photos of the studio, looking a lot more homely than before. I wanted to have the lovely gifts that fellow blogger have made me out on display as I always feel inspired by other creative fellows. Plus they all make me smile :D

Lots of fashion and craft books, a lovely chest filled with buttons, rhinestones and sequins....a real treasure chest ;) my Speak and Spell (fav childhood toy still in perfect working condition) and a player for my ipod.

Still awaiting my sewing chair :( it is ordered and being delivered from the warehouse so shouldn't be too long before I can pick it up from the store.

My felt stash, which has been replenished since I took this photo so now its full to the brim. Top shelf: my tins of coloured zips and the gap if for my scraps of felt box which was downstairs at the time.

Oooooh still 2 empty boxes must fill them with other supplies.....still some boxes to sort out.

All my patterns, packaging, note cards, post cards, daylight lamp and other bits and bobs. My TV is also on the wall now, but still no power to the sockets, I cant believe how difficult it has been trying to get an electrician to come round to sort it.
Only 2 more days of my 20's left as its my 30th on Friday, and although I have spent quite a few weeks thinking and reminiscing of the years that have led me to this birthday I am strangely excited about it. Not just the day itself but the anticipation on what the next 30 years will bring. Some of the years have been tough, some that I'd rather erase from my memory....but then I think these experiences are what has made me the person I am.....and also the fact that there have been some pretty amazing things that have happened too. I am excited that this will be the next stage of my life which will lead onto more amazing times, but do wonder where has the time gone. The last 7 years of living down in Nottingham have whizzed by and would never have guessed when I left County Durham that I would be here doing what I am.
So this is me embracing turning 30th on Friday :D YEY!!!!

Monday, 11 January 2010

AuntyChristine has been at it again...

...knitting that is. Brand new beanies and mittens added today. They are so warm and snuggly, perfect for keeping warm in this bitter snowy weather.

We (me and Mama) would love to hear what you think.....and if you're a blog reader we'll give you 10% off your entire order (less postage) just type "bagladee blog" in the note to seller and AuntyChristine (aka My Mama) will refund the 10%
Happy browsing :D

Sunday, 10 January 2010

First Sale of 2010

Just sold today these two felt brooches which were added to my sale section of my Etsy shop this weekend. A bargain at only £2, there are different designs and different colour combinations....this sale will continue while stocks last.

This lovely pair are going to be making their way all the way to exciting. My first sale to go to South America.
Since the snow was keeping activities outside the house to a minimum we waded through all the house 'stuff' that needed to be done and top of getting some sewing, listing, photographing, and list writing it was quite a productive weekend.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Stark raving bonkers?

Now before you think I am by posting photos of Christmas cards....all will be revealed. After reading this tip here, I decided to have a go myself.

Take a pile of Christmas cards (don't throw them in the recycle bin just yet).....

.....then take a pair of very retro looking pinking shears :D

.....aren't they lovely, they are quite heavy but nice and sharp.

Then have a rummage in a box of pretty ribbon and cut accordingly.......

After cutting all your cards up into smaller squares and rectangles, hole punch one hole in the top left or right corner, thread through ribbon and feed back through loop, pull tight and you have.......

.....lots of lovely gift tags ready for next year.

Now put them somewhere safe (not too safe mind or you might not find them til after next Christmas ;) like me with the cards this year).

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Crafty little....

.......thingies :D

The crafting mojo is back and its time to start re stocking my website and Etsy shop. So for starters here are some pieces cut out for some purses.

Its lovely to get back in the crafting saddle, although it was also good to have a rest over Christmas. I'm ready and raring to go now. And with the snowy weather still travelling over the UK, maybe I'll get to snuggle up under my blanket and sew.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

OK I'm not going to lie to you and say that going back to work yesterday was a joy, because it was most definitely the opposite but it was better than I had thought it was going to be. And the first day they say is always the worst.

Thats the boring bit over with....Happy New Year to those of you I have not said that to yet. Hope this year is a good one for everyone. A new year and a new list of to do's, very different from last years "To do's" but all the same a challenge.

I'm in desperate need to take some photos of some of the things I made before Christmas which is new stock for the website but the light has been so poor lately (well out side of work hours/days) that I just cant seem to get any decent shots. So that will be the first mammoth mission of the list.

Some items need re stocking so there is a meduim sized 'make list' that needs to be tackled. This is the best bit, the bit I enjoy the most.....and since I have a shinny new studio to work in its even better. (new photos of organisation and tidiness to come)

Sadly I took the tree down yesterday, its nice to see everything looking tidy and not a million pine needles lying on the floor....but the front room looks so bare!!

OK best get back to the analysis is awaiting me!!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

I'd like you to meet...

....My Beady Eye,

I'm sure you will have heard me mention my friend Andrea who has a shop on Folksy. I met Andrea about 3 years ago whilst she was temping at the place I work. Early last year Andrea ventured out on the road to being a jewellery designer and maker. She has experimented with many themes and techniques and is starting to really find her feet and discovering where her heart lies in beads, findings and styles.

Her jewellery is stunning, and the beads and findings she uses are beautiful......
I have bought pieces for friends and commissioned Andrea to make me a necklace and matching bag charm. Every item is beautifully gift wrapped and very reasonably priced.

There are lots of different styles in her shop, from statement pieces like this candy red bracelet..... this very elegant multi chain necklace. and flirty pieces like these flower earrings.

.......and the best part is that Andrea is currently having a sale so you can snap up one of her pieces for a fantastic price.

Best be quick though as she only has a limited stock and makes as she feels inspired so you are sure to have something unique and special.

Andrea also has a blog that she started round about the same time she opened her shop, why not pop by and get to know her a little and maybe say Hi.