Sunday, 28 February 2010

Another one bites the dust.... more bag sample finished. And I have to say its times like this that I realise how much (I'm obsessed) I love fabric. This fabric only arrived last week but I loved it soooo much I just had to see it as a bag!!!

I am almost finished the samples for the large bags, I will then be tackling my other bits and bobs. I have made a pledge to myself, that as soon as the prep is out of the way for the trade fair "I am going to sit down and make a bag just for me" :D I know, crazy, I have made many bags....just not one for little ol'me.

These little sparkly gems are going to be 'a little something extra' that is going to be added to the bags....a project in themselves but I just cant resist that little bit of bling :D

And since I don't think I ever got round to showing you may sewing chair, here it is!!! I have cropped out as much of the mess as I I said to a friend earlier today fabric is EVERYWHERE! Its extremely comfortable and perfect for sitting in and hand sewing with the TV on (normally 'A place in the sun', football or catching up on the soaps). Hope you all had a fab weekend.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Aint nothing going on but the....

And lots of it. Just stopping by to show you that I have been immersing myself in the lovely world of craft this week. Still a lot to do :o/ but I'm slowly getting there. Thank you for all the lovely comments about my first tutorial, I hope there are lots of you out there making labels :)

Going to finish these tonight (yes I am!!) Note to self: running low on ribbon must order!!!
New bags.....loving all the new fabric I've bought its sooooooo yummy!!!!

Anyone a fan of Amy Butler? Well, I don't normally pick her fabrics but these two were shouting me from the other side of John Lewis a couple of weeks ago "Emma....ppssssst, Emma, over here!! On the other side of that mannequin, yes that's it.....pick me up, go on take me to that lovely lady over there, she will exchange me for money, then you can make whatever you like from me!!!" So here it is......cant show you the full bag yet, Oh no that would spoil it for later :D

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Tutorial : How to make your own labels

I've learnt so many tips and tricks through fellow crafters and bloggers that I thought it was time I gave something back. People often ask me where I get my labels made, and the honest truth is, I make them myself. They're not perfect or look shop made.....but then if they were they wouldn't look handmade, I think they look pretty good? Feel free to make your own and tell me what you think of the tutorial (be gentle its my first tute) :)

(1) What you will need:
T-Shirt transfer paper (for light fabrics if you are using white twill tape), sharp scissors, Twill tape (the width is up to you and will depend on how wide you would like your labels) **I used 1.5cm width**

In the pack you will get full instructions on how to use the transfer paper (2).
Using a program like CorelDraw or Photoshop (you could also do this in Word or similar) layout a grid, each little box should be a little bit wider than your tape and however long you require them to be. **I always add a little extra length to allow the edges to be folded in before sewing to the item.

In the first box, layout your design as you would like to see it on your label, flip it so the image/text is back to front (don't worry when you iron it to your tape it will be the correct way) copy the process in every box until you get a full sheet. Print a test page on a normal piece of paper just to make sure every thing is lined up as you want it. If you're happy with it print your sheet onto a piece of transfer paper (3.) **In photo 3 the sheet towards the back is the copy on paper, the one to the front is on the transfer paper**

Using a paper cutter or scissors cut your labels into strips (4) then cut into individual labels (5)

Now you have a lovely pile of transfer labels (6) take one of your labels and place on your twill tape (7) you can just see your design through the backing so make sure its centered.
Using the tip of your iron secure the label down the centre (8), leaving the top and bottom edges free (9) cut from the roll of tape.
Take your label and trim the top and bottom edges as close to the tape as you can (10). Apply heat with your iron to fully transfer the label (11).

Leave for about a couple of minutes to cool down (it explains in the instructions that you will get a more glossy finish if you allow the transfer to cool (12).

Hold the edge of your tape and peel the label from the tape (13 & 14)
Now you have your first label (15). Trim the tape up to the transfer so there is no raw edge to the tape (16).

(17) And there you go a semi professional twill tape label. Repeat process to get a lovely pile of them all ready for sewing (18).

Monday, 15 February 2010

Pencil cases

Here it is at long last, the project that has been in the ideas box for too it has made it onto my website.

There are 5 different designs and each come with 10 mini coloured pencils, a ruler, an eraser and pencil sharpener.
I wanted to make something fun and tactile, a little bit different and note so complicated....sometimes its good to go back to basics. I think they look fresh and fun.

And here was the sneak peek from yesterday, this is my favourite :D

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Has it been a romantic day for you? Me? Not so much, feeling a little under the weather today. I had planned on showing you my new finished project which has been sitting in my ideas box (brain) for quite some time. I thought I'd give myself a break from making samples and finished 5 of 'them'.

I'm hoping to get them listed tomorrow evening and come back here and show you, but for now here's a little peek (above).

Happy Valentines xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I'm really starting to feel right at home in my studio, its such a lovely space to work in. Not that I am complaining about having to use the spare bedroom up until now....but what a difference it makes when you are sat in your very own space with all your lovely things surrounding you :D

5 new pouches you can see to the right and the start of a "new" bag on the left!! So exciting......

P.S. Dont forget to check out my sale

Monday, 8 February 2010

With progress comes....

.....a sale. Bagladee (that's me) opened her first shop in 2008, on the lovely Etsy. The bags that you see for sale on there and on my website are what I would like to call the collection that really started me off.

Since then the style of bags I have designed have evolved somewhat and I feel that I have found my feet at last. So to bring out the new I need to clear out the existing collection.

You can have a browse over here at
they really are a bargain.......enjoy shopping!

Saturday, 6 February 2010


...its a busy time at bagladee HQ but I have managed to take time out and do some long awaiting listing on my website.

There are lots more to come but for starters here are 3 of my new brooches, I really have fallen in love with this new design. I have listened to what you lovely shoppers have told me about size and here they are hope you like them. They are 6cm, so nice and diddy for putting on your favourite coat or blouse.....or like me on my handbag.

And I was starting to feel kinda sad for these little fellas, I'd listed all my other cushions but totally forgot about these!!! I know, how dare I!! They are sitting pretty in my studio at the moment but I'm sure they'd rather be going off on their travels to a new home. ***fingers crossed fellas maybe someone will adopt you***

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Constructive criticism....

thank you to all of you who left comments on my "You put your iPhone where???" post, I love feedback from my blog readers, your constructive criticism really is the best!

As suggested the very scrumdiddlyumptious doughnut inspired iPhone cover is now sporting a very yummy looking button and a loop to keep your iPhone safe from slipping out.

This is the first of my short and sweet posts, hope its enough to keep your creative cravings at bay ;) and a very big hello to all my new followers, welcome to the sporadic world of bagladee I hope you like it here in my little world of fabric, bags and ramblings.