Monday, 28 July 2014

That feeling!

Feeling really excited this morning, no not just because I have a day off from the day job. I have finally made a decision of where I am taking Bagladee and it involves closing my order books until September.

As most people I always feel like I never have enough time to get everything done, including all those boring house work activities that need doing. And when all you want to do is spend your spare time doing creative things everything else seems to just annoy you, right?

Sometimes its good to take a step back and re-assess what you want and this is exactly what I am doing.

We have a list as long as our arm of all the DIY jobs we want to do to our 'new'ish' home. Now I say 'new'ish' in this context because for those of you who know buying this house was no piece of cake and turned out to be 20 emotional months of exhausting to-ing and fro-ing between solicitors/developers/mortgage company/western power. Now its FINALLY ours we really do want to put our stamp on it. It wont take us long and its just really cosmetic stuff that we have planned but we really want to focus on getting it all done so that we can enjoy the end of the year and go into the new year starting a fresh, maybe have a holiday along the way at some point. That certainly will be a long time coming as we have forfeited holidays for the last 3 years to get here!

So what do I have planned for Bagladee? Well specifically I have two new designs in my head that I need to get onto paper and then transfer into an actual drafted pattern. This will also include a purchase of some new hardware, metal 'o' rings, sliders, twist locks and also some new zips and a lot of new skills which I'm working on. I'm really going to push myself on these two bags. This is the main reason I feel excited, now who wouldn't??? I love supply shopping, it will also mean that I will be going through all of my fabrics and having a clear out, so watch out for some bargain bags of fabric that will be up for grabs.

Now I know photos have been very thin on the ground from me but I promise there will be some more soon. Maybe even some before and after photos of our DIY projects? What do you think?

Right I am off to pop the kettle on again and get cracking on todays 'to do' list then maybe a spot of supply shopping on the net ;) *punches the air* YES!!!!!!!