Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Working week

After my first full week of being 'part time' at the day job I thought I'd show you a few pics of what I was up to.

Once all the bags were made I set upon making the corsages for them, they may look like ordinary circles of fabric but they are transformed into gorgeous flowers after I've had my scissors to them :)

The 'Project Board'!!! See I told you it was just a white board, but by Jove it works!! And I can proudly say that there are quite a few things wiped off now......

Ahhhhh my favourite place, sat in front of the sewing machine making a bag. This one is going to be a new addition to the website very soon.
This week is not going to be such a productive one as I'm covering holidays at work...Boooooo!!!! It seems hardly fair when I've only just got into the swing of things :(

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Nothing like this....

.....to blow the cobwebs out of your hair!! We've had a lovely relaxing weekend, we had a walk round Newcastle Saturday and then had a lovely meal at Pizza Express in Durham to celebrate our engagement with my parents. Today we had a walk along the beach at South Shields, it was so windy!!! The sand was blowing all over, but we didn't mind, it wasn't cold at all and the sea air was so refreshing.

We had some very yummy fish and chips and then this evening we travelled back home. Its always lovely to visit and it was definitely something that was long over due. I feel relaxed, refreshed and raring to go. And with a To Do list as long as my arm its just as well :D

Friday, 27 August 2010

OK thats it!

Just a quick post as my tummy is rumbling and I have to go and pack a bag......I'm off up to my parents this weekend for a rest, so to speak. Now I'm not going to make this into a depressing post as this is far, far from how I'm feeling. I'm just sooooo exhausted, I don't think I've stopped since we came back from Madrid and everything seems like its just happened in a blur.

I'm so excited about the next few months ahead, with lots of new fabric to play with and some nice little manageable orders to work through and even the list of chores isn't fazing me. I just need some sleep and no sewing for a few days to recharge my batteries. Everyone needs that every now and then don't they?

Cant wait for some Mama's home cooked food, Ted the westie, Gorden the wonky cat, a day at the coast for some yummy fish and chips, and a nice belated meal out to celebrate our engagement with my parents (Chris is visiting too).

I will be back with a vengeance on Monday as I have lots of photos and things to post about (I've been saving them up) so have a fandabbydozy weekend and bank holiday (if you're in the UK).


Monday, 23 August 2010

Pause II

The last few days have been quite a testing time for me in the craft arena. Being part time, having a big order to get finished, trying to keep my mind on the job and not being distracted by facebook, twitter ( of which I am a HUGE fan of at the moment, I might add just because I am reading celebrity tweets) and applying some discipline. Very difficult.

Although I think at my first few weeks of changing my daily routines I don't think I'm doing that bad? I have 70% completed the big order that is going out this week and have everything else to be made all planned in to the hour. My studio has seen the introduction of a "Projects Board" ooooooh sounds impressive doesn't it? Well its a white board so not that exciting ha ha ;) So I pretty much know what has to be done and when its got to be done by.......quite daunting if you look at it too long :/

Here is a photo of the new cosmetic pouches that I completed for my order and I have to say that I am totally in love with the two in the front of the photo......the greeny coloured one has tea pots and tea cups on it, its adorable!!

My website is looking pretty bare at the moment and this is stressing me out to no end. But at the moment there is just not enough time in the day. There are sooooo many lovely new items coming soon and I'm just itching to get started on them (there was a maaahhooooosssiiivvvveeee fabric purchase not too long ago). Somewhere along the line I thought that I would have more time on my hands once I went part time???? Where on earth did I get that crrraazzzzzyyy idea from?? ;)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Dinner and cocktails

OK so I've been a good girl this week and have been sewing my socks off. I think its only right that I get a little treat?

Something that I haven't done for quite sometime, a girly dinner and cocktails night!! Oh yes, bagladee is glamming it up tonight. Dress, heels and matching clutch bag (of course!!!) may need to take an umbrella as the weather is yucky, but that wont dampen my spirits. Lots to celebrate and drink to ;) not promising I wont have a cloudy head in the morning...but its not very often so why the heck not?

Here is another sneak peek of a pouch.....lots to show you soon. I'm on a roll!!! Have a fab weekend. xx

Thursday, 19 August 2010

In the words of Dori

...just keep sewing, just keep sewing, just keep sewing, sewing, sewing. We'll not quite but if she was singing to me that is what she would say. (Dori, the blue fish out of Finding Nemo)

2 bags finished, 3 half way there, 5 cut out, interfacing to cut, 8 corsages to make, 2 extra orders, 1 new enquiry, 1 Etsy sale (made to order), 4 orders from work colleagues!!! Phew!!!!

Part time came just in the nick of time!!! Busy bagladee indeed. Not complaining though, I'm having so much fun!!!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Something new

Another quick post I'm afraid....attacking that order list head on!!! Here is a sneak peak of one of the new cosmetic pouches I've been working on. There are lots more to come!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Working on...

...some felt purses and a huge order. Its certainly keeping me busy and out of mischief ;) I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms from not being able to blog read. Cant wait to sit down with a cuppa and find out what you've all been up too.

Friday, 13 August 2010


....no other words :D

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Thank you's and gifts

Thank you so much for all the messages and congratulations, we're both so chuffed by all the comments. We've had lots of lovely cards :D and some champagne and some gorgeous flowers. Hopefully I should be getting my ring back tomorrow......I do hope so I know I only had it for 3 days before it had to go off to be re sized but I feel lost without it :(

I'm still pinching myself about it all and Madrid will definitely be a special place for me and Chris from now on.

OK back to crafting....the has been LOTS of sewing going on in the house of bagladee of late. 3 orders to get out by the end of August. Yikes!!!! And I've also had time to fit in a little gift for a friends birthday.
Andrea my friend loves VW camper vans as they remind her so much of her Dad. Last birthday (yes I know I'm bad for leaving it this long!!!) I bought a fat quarter of fabric which had the cutest print of camper vans for Andrea in the hopes of making her something. Time ran away with me so I decided I would get round to making something in time for this birthday.

I decided on a simple cushion made from Thai silk and of course the camper van fabric. I topped it off with some simple top stitching. I'm planning on making this cushion into a tutorial so watch this space :D

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Madrid 2010 Part Two....and BIG NEWS!!!

As promised here are some photos from my trip to Madrid, I could almost feel the heat as I browsed through them. Ahhhhhh.................

Beautiful architecture

Under perfect blue skies :D

Very cosmopolitan restaurants

Stunning Royal Palace surrounded by lush greenery

We visited the Palacio de Cristal in Retiro Park which was modeled on London's Crystal Palace. There was a strange art installation inside made from plastic house hold items.

Plaza Mayor is a beautiful square with many restaurants situated round the outside

We ate here most nights because it was so pretty and romantic, there were accordion players walking round which filled the square with ambient music.

And we visited here, I took loads of photos inside of the BERNABEU but I know there aren't many football fans in the craft world so I haven't bored you with them. The tour was amazing and I got to sit in the dug out!! :D

Back in Retiro Park we walked round the boating lake, watched the fish being fed and laid in the sun whilst eating ice lollies......

Everywhere should have one of these indoor markets, I have never seen anything like it before. Inside there were fish stalls, meat stalls, bread stalls, olive stalls, fruit stalls, a wine bar, a sushi bar, a caviar bar...........and many more. You could buy to take away or you could buy and sit at the many tables in the centre and enjoy the delicacies whilst chatting with your friends. It was AWESOME!!!!!!
And if you've managed to hang in there throughout the photos and commentary.....time for my big news. On the Sunday evening we went to a lovely restaurant where we ate Paella and drank Sangria, we took a long walk back to the hotel where we were staying and in the courtyard Chris asked me to marry him.........and I said YES!!! I am officially ENGAGED!!!! I was sooooo surprised and found myself not really hearing anything he was saying because I was too busy gawking at the ring and thinking OH MY GOD. I am so happy, I've been bursting to tell you all but I had to make sure that all family members were told before I announced it here. I cant show you my ring yet as its being re sized but as soon as it is back on my finger I will post a pic. And on that note I'm off to skip......tra la la la la la.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Madrid 2010 Part One

Madrid is starting to feel some time ago now. Its a city I definitely fell in love with and would love to go back to. Even though we had some pretty major delays getting there, and at one point I did think that we were going to have to give up and miss the Red Bull Xfighters....it was worth it in the end.

Thankfully we made it and even had time to change before we went to the event. For those of you who do not know what its all about....they call it 'Motorcross Gymnastics' where the riders have to perform tricks with their bikes whilst in the air!!! I know crazy!! But very entertaining. The tricks are named things like, The Stripper, Dead Body, Cordoba, Nic Nac.....even the names are crazy. This is a photo of the main entrance to the Plaza Del Toros in Las Ventas, beautiful building and absolutely ginormous!!!

Inside there were about 25,000 spectators inside and boy did they know how to show their support to the riders!! We went to London last year and the atmosphere was no where near what it was like in Madrid. It was so exciting and I lost count how many times we did the Mexican Wave :D

Sponsored by Red bull it was a fantastic show. Lots of other entertaining segments too, a sand buggy, matadors, flamenco dancers, bmx riders......it was f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!!!!

This was me before the show with my bandanna in my hand.....it was waved around lots during the night. Cant wait to go to London on the 14th and watch it all again. Go Levis Sherwood!!!!

I have lots of photos of our trip and I've selected just a small few ;) to show you tomorrow, Oh and to tell you my BIG NEWS!!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Is how the inside of my head feels at the moment.....not in a bad way though. I think its mainly due to trying to adjust to my working hours. I know that I have lots of things to get on with and my head is buzzing with ideas and projects but I'm so excited at the fact of all the extra time I have now to dedicate to bagladee that I cant seem to focus on any one thing!!

The beginning of the week was used to tackle the holiday ironing (I am still yet to write a post with photos of Madrid) I then launched myself straight into bagladee by surrounding myself with lots of gorgeous fabric. Whilst sorting through what fabric I needed to complete my next order I sat and wrote a few notes and a list, fabric to stock up and items to make.

I have tried to keep up with all the lovely blogs that I read so apologies for not leaving any comments but I have been popping in and out taking a peek. I'm hoping to be in some kind of organised chaos next week ;)

Its only the 3rd day of being part time at the day job but I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. Its a long time since I have felt as contented as I am now. Still busting to reveal my secret.....hang on there peeps almost ready. Nell is getting better by the day, she must have just pulled a muscle. She is back to cuddling and letting me stroke her without hissing so that's a good sign.

After completing a gift today I have lots of sewing planned for tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Cats legs, secrets and lazy days

What an odd title, well I just wasn't sure what to call it to be honest.

I am bursting with excitement about something that I cant reveal just yet.....aaarrrgggghhh I so want to say but have to wait. I've never been this excited before, ever!!!

This weekend has been a 'leisurely' one, no chores, no sewing (well I tell a lie I've done some hand sewing but that barely counts :) right?), a quick trip into town and well, nothing much else. While we were in town we visited TKMAXX and I bought a gorgeous lime green leather set of drawers to sit on top of my desk so I spent yesterday afternoon having a bit of an organise. And how lovely and tidy it is on my desk now, yes I know that wont last long!! As soon as I get started on my next project it will be a right mess in there.....as always.

We have a poorly kitty again, Nell has done something to one of her back legs, the same one as the dislocated one last time. Its not her joint or the bones in her leg as she can bend and stretch it just fine to clean. But try touching it and she hisses and miowes. She is walking OK but if she stands on it funny she has a bit miowe. She's eating normally and is still managing to get up and down the stairs, we've tried not to bother her too much and not picked her up hoping that she has pulled a muscle or something and just needs to rest. If she hasn't improved by Monday afternoon then we will take her to the vets. I know that she hasn't jumped down from anywhere like last time because she had been fine all day. So its a bit of a mystery???

Its my first day as a part timer tomorrow at work, this week is going to be a bit strange until I get into the swing of it. I have a date with a big pile of ironing for my first afternoon at home. Needs must. Then I will try and get some sort of regime in place.

OK off for Sunday roast and Champagne, how classy is that ;) ha ha.