Tuesday, 29 September 2009

More presents...YEY!!

Oh I am such a lucky girl, today the post man brought me another gift. This is from another bloggy friend Nicola, which was a thank you for the baby bag I custom made for her a little while ago....

And LOOK what it is!!!!! Little bags embroidered with my alias on :D this is such an awesome present Nicola, I love it.

Its definitely having a little pride of place spot on my shelf in my new studio. I really cant thank you enough its so kind of you.

Speaking of said studio, three times so far from Saturday I have nearly given in and shown you what it looks like.....I really am bursting to show you. But I'm gonna be strong not until the carpet is down. It will def be a photo heavy post....soon my pretties, soon ;)

Sunday, 27 September 2009


What a great start to the weekend, Saturday morning the postman knocks on the door and hands me a parcel......

Its from my lovely bloggy friend Rachel, I wasn't expecting it and it was a lovely surprise. Just look how cute that owl paper is (now I realise I photographed it upside down, ooopps!) and the envelope she made herself, how cool is that.

After 'carefully' taking the owl paper off this is what I found inside, this absolutely gorgeous note book from my favourite shop 'Paperchase' and some yummy smelling body wash. I have to say Rachel you hit the nail right on the head with the note book because its exactly what I would have chosen....its sooooo me! :D

And just look at the pretty paper inside.....Ahhhhhhhhh how I do love note books, especially pretty ones like this. Thank you so much Rachel, it was so thoughtful of you. Big, big hugs to you xxx
On another present kind of level, Chris's parents came round yesterday to show me how to wall paper, so not only do I now know how to wall paper, the feature wall in the studio is finished and it looks amazing! I so love the paper I chose, and I'm just bursting to show you......but I'm keeping it under wraps until the carpet is down, which hopefully will be soon.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Happiness is a little place built of felt :D

And this is where I've been this week......I have to say that this has been my little world that I have visited every night, far, far away from the thought of work. Which has made me very happy indeed. Sewing for the soul!!

I'm hoping to get them finished this weekend with some additional bits and bobs, the dreaded chores were done today, leaving me free to 'play' all weekend.

On an exciting note: the studio will be getting its feature wall papered tomorrow!!!! I know, that just leaves the carpet to be laid and me to move in!!! :D Yippeeeeeeee! I know that I'm not going to want to come out ;)

Oh and just in case you thought I'd forgotten about the de-stash I will be photographing said stash this weekend, got a little way laid this week. So I will be posting about that very soon.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

And the winner is....

pop over here to find out.

I will be back tomorrow with things of cheery'ness, I promise!! :)

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I have a funny feeling that this post is going to be a bit hap hazard ( a little bit like the inside of my head at the mo) I cant really start moaning that things are difficult because I know I'm a very lucky girl with everything I have and do.

I'm just finding my life too sporadic and my brain feels like its on overload. I have lots of lovely sewing to do and I've revamped some old bag patterns ready for some new creations. I've also got some new projects on the go too.....I know, if there was ever an award for someone that bites off more than they can chew it I would definitely be a strong contender.

I'm desperate to get into the studio so that I can try and get myself organised, the house is totally consumed by sewing stuff, Chris is such a star being so patient with it all. And he's always there with a supportive hug when I'm feel a little deflated.

Oohh if anyone in the Nottingham area knows of any administration jobs or similar I would jump at the chance....it will get me out of the hellish day job I have now. More redundancies on the not too distant horizon.

Rachel has just sent me a message that she is hosting a Christmas Swap, even though its more sewing I think that something festive is just what I need to make me feel a little jolly :D

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Have you entered yet???

You only have until midnight tomorrow to enter my give away to win this lovely hamper.

Pop over here and place your entry, quick, quick, time is running out!!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Feeling fine and felty...

Hi there, hope you're all having a lovely weekend.....mine is a mahhoooosive improvement on my week :D

First of all I want to say a big HEEELLLLOOOOOOO to my new followers....WOW I've reached 203!! That's amazing, I cant believe that many people have chosen to follow my little blog. Thank you for reading my ramblings. And ramble I do!

After getting out of the hell hole that is work yesterday lunch time Emma was on a mission. For a while I've been saying that I was going to tidy up the garage (mainly because its full of my stuff for sewing). I hadn't been through it in a long time so there were some surprises when I went through bag after bag of stuff. There was wadding (by the bucket load), stuffing, fabric, beads, sequins, folders, magazines......you name it, it was in there. I was amazed at the speed I flew through the bags and boxes, some things weren't worth saving so they went in the bin. The rest of the good stuff went into one box and my fabric boxes went into the house for sorting.

I now have 3 lovely neat boxes, one full of plain cottons and 2 full of patterned cottons. This also left me with a huge box of other fabric which its most likely I wont use. So I've decided to give it away to a good home. So if you are reading this and you think Hmmmm yes I would like some free de-stash fabric then send me an email. I will be putting together a list of whats available with photo's and if you want it, its yours. All you will have to do is pay for postage.

Today's photos are some of the felt creations I have been making today....I've had lots of fun sewing at my own leisure. I'm really starting to love working with felt (don't worry fabric I still love you too) :D
I'm off now to peg my washing on the line, change some bag patterns, make some new project patterns and make a coffee......anyone want one??? ;)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Oh cheerful felt.......cheer me up

This week has gone from bad to worse to terrible.....hopefully with it being Friday tomorrow things will be on the up :)

These have cheered me up tonight, I'm working on another felty project, which will be new items for the craft fair I will be doing early December.

Oh hand sewing, how I love thee!! A nice cup of tea, Nelly bell on my lap and the TV on in the background......I feel the weekend approaching already.

A big thank you to all of you that have entered my giveaway so far, I wish you all the best of luck its a fab prize. If anyone would like to enter click on the link or the pic at the top right hand of my blog....its easy.

This last one is a Wedding gift I'm making for a friend, they said they wanted Next vouchers which I have bought but I wanted to make something a little special as we have been friends since we were about 7!! So a long time then ;) ha ha.
I will post some more photo's once they are a little more sewn together.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Confession Time

OK its confession time, I know I promised myself last time that I would NOT let the overwhelming To Do list consume my life!!! Well that has just gone right out of the window, to the point that I can no longer look at the list anymore!!!!

The more I look the more I stress about it :( the more I get stressed the more I don't want to look at it. Its only a list right!! Why is it controlling me?? Arrgghhhh!!!!

You would think that the sensible thing to do would be pick one of the items off the list and Get to? Well no not me, I've decided I want to go into the Studio and finish the last bit of painting. While I am sitting painting I will think of what task I want to tackle next. Yes not very productive I know....Oh well.

Ooooh one more little thing before I go.......a little while ago I posted a giveaway on my Reviews Blog where you can win a luxury Hamper. So far no one has entered :( which makes me sad, I want one of my lovely bloggers to win this fab prize. If you cant manage a recipe then why not write a post about the give away with a link to the giveaway and the Kerrymaid site using the key word Garlic Butter......its EASY!! Why not give it a go? If this is successful there will be lots more other cool stuff to give away. Come on bloggers help me out with this one.....Ppplllllleeeaaassseeeeee!! :D

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sale Brooches

£4.50 available here and here

Friday, 11 September 2009

Stripes, flowers and to do's

As promised here is the custom changing bag that I made for Nicola. Thankfully it arrived safely the day before yesterday :D

A medium sized changing bag, that can be adapted as a handbag once baby Bronte is older.....

Inside there is a divider creating 2 compartments, an internal zipper pocket and 3 more pockets on the inside wall of the bag....

I'm still ever so proud of this zipper pocket, it is the first of many :)
This little pouch is a wet bag....

With waterproof lining inside.

Nicola was so pleased with her bag, it made my day...no week......no it made my month. Thanks Nicola for giving me the opportunity to make such a cool and funky changing bag.

**All custom orders welcome email me for more info**
Once again the To Do list has grown out of control, and there is a fair bit of organisation needs taking in hand. There's a craft fair to stock up for, a trade fair to plan for, a website to re stock, some catching up on sleep, painting the studio to be completed......blah blah blah it goes on.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Both Rachel and I have written posts about 'green cleaning' this week why not go and check them out!

thanks :D xx

Monday, 7 September 2009

New brooches means new packaging! YEY!

Since I had made 6 new brooches I now had to make some new packaging as the old (seen top right hand corner) were way too big for the delicate little flowers. So it was off to the lap top I went and made some mini versions......

And here they all are nicely tucked up in their new cello pockets.
I love the bright colours against the black backing card.

Last week whilst I was blissfully off work (factory shutdown) I completed Nicola's bag :D Its been a very long time since I had attempted to sew an internal zip pocket (mainly because they scare me!!) Well no more!!! This one turned out perfect first time, I was so excited!! Thank god I was in on my own, Chris would have looked at me like I was from another planet. Proud as punch I was of this lovely little pocket. Yay me!!

Gasp!! Look how neat the back is!!!
(shame you don't see any of this :D)

I'll not show you the finished bag until Nicola has received (I've emailed you) it but here's a picture of all the pieces before I assembled it.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

What have you been doing????

I cant believe that I nearly forgot to show you what I bought from the fabric supplies shop when I visited home (Newcastle). How did this happen??? Emma is starting to think that she has more than she cope with on her plate at the moment (hasn't she always?!?!) so maybe the old brain is starting to replace old info with new not store it.

Any way, there were some lining fabrics I was running low on so I stocked up on a couple and added a couple more to the collection ;) yes as I said before "my name is Emma and I'm a fabric'aholic". Also needed a couple of threads and just couldn't resist buying these tiny buttons (they really are tiny) I have no idea what I'm going to use them for (like most things I buy) but I'm sure there will be something new to add them to.

Yummy, yummy buttons!!
Yesterday was spent over a lovely friends house getting some tips and advice about the trade show that I will be doing next April (Eeeekkk!!) extremely helpful but reality has just hit me on what I need to do in order to prepare. I can feel some maaahhooooosive To Do lists coming!!! Chris is being so supportive about it, keeping me calm and is going to help me with all the display side of things.

Today was a reflective day, thinking about all the things I have planned in before Christmas whilst I painted the skirting boards in the studio. While I was away Chris fixed all the skirting and started marking out for the shelves and TV bracket, he is such a sweetie!! I was going to post a photo but I've decided that I will post no more photo's until it finished, it will spoil the dramatic transformation if I show anymore.........so watch this space!!!

Friday, 4 September 2009

An amazing give away!!

I cant quite believe it myself but I have a totally fab give away on my sister blog "bagladee - reviews". The prize is a hamper of goodies.......so go on what you waiting for get yourself over here and enter!!

Good Luck!! :D xx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Stitched 2

Today is a really wet and blustery day.....Autumn is definitely here. Good for staying in a sewing but not so good for taking photo's.

I also took these up North with me at the weekend to finish, different colours from last time....

And here they are all sewn together, I love putting the colour combinations together for these purses.
I'm planning on making some more of these soon so keep a weathered eye open for them in my shops (great little stocking fillers).
Yesterday didn't go quite as planned, even though I was to be off this week (factory shutdown to save money!) I had to go in yesterday to complete some system tasks. Which turned into a whole day wasted when I had so much sewing planned. Grrrrrrr!!
Today I am on a mission, I have Nicola's custom bag to complete (**Hi Nicola**) and some packaging to make......as well as some other bits but they can wait until the weekend.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Do you remember these from this post?? Well here they are finished with a couple of additions, I'm really pleased at how they have turned out....simple but very pretty.

Each brooch has little rhinestones in the centre....very sparkly :D

Since these are going to be the new design brooches there are some bargains to be had over here....as they've all been reduced to make room for these new little sparklers. (Why not pop to the guest book and leave me a little message.)