Monday, 29 December 2008

Goodbye 2008, hello 2009!

I'm spending today packing as we are going up to visit my family for New Year this year. We are both looking forward to it as we haven't spent a new year with my parents yet. I know even after 6 years! :o/
I wont be near a computer until we get back so I thought it would be an appropriate time to leave a New Year's Eve Post.

Just before Christmas we sat down and decided I needed some new, up to date, postcards/flyers for bagladee. After many an hour of trying to decided what we wanted to portray, this is what we came up with. I chose the soft feminine pinks and I love the flowing lines of the image. A bit like me really, Strong and bold but with a soft, girly, feminine side ;)

And this is how they turned out, on the reverse there are some images of the items I make and a little bit of info about my website, etsy shop and blog (of course!!).

I love them, thank you so much to my lovely other half :) big hugs.
I have quite a few New Year Resolutions this year to tick off my list so here goes:
1. Sign up for more Craft Fairs (hopefully the Clothes Show in December 09, too)
2. Be more organised!!!!! A must!!
3. Be less stressed.
4. Spend more time with friends and family.
5. Enjoy the moment rather than being too busy thinking about what I have to do next.
Pretty simple I think......she says!! Ask me in a couple of months time how its all going ;) ha ha
And last of all I just want to say that 2008 was a bit of a stressful year but things definitely got better towards the end. I have a strong network of people around me in friends and family, but I discovered this year that I also have a strong network of people through my blog too. You are truly the friends that I am yet to meet, thank you so much for sitting down and taking the time to read all I write. I know that at times I do nothing but ramble so thanks for hanging in there and being patient ;) I hope its been entertaining as I'm not sure about there being any informative content :) and I look forward to seeing you all in 2009. Lets see what the New Year has in store for us?

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Can we fix it?.........Yes we can!!

Now that there is a certain 'happy' little boy out there with his new bob the builder tool belt, I can show you some photo's.

A friend at work had searched high and low for a good 'Bob' tool belt and couldn't find one anywhere.......I had even searched on Etsy but no 'Bob's' to be found and we were running out of time to get one delivered from overseas in time for Santa to wrap and deliver.

I had never attempted a tool belt before but thought, well it cant be that hard to do??? So off I went a hunting for some bob wasn't too difficult and ended up with this lovely sunshine yellow fabric with Bob and Pilchard the cat printed on it with rows and rows of hammers, saws and nails :)

Look!! It even has a loop to hang a hammer!! I was a little worried about dimensions as I made the pattern from scratch myself and not too sure about how small/big a 3 year old boy is? Anywhooo my friend was thrilled when she saw it and is going to send me some photos of him wearing it with his 'Bob' outfit she bought him.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day....

Just another quick post to see if you all had a jolly old Christmas and that Santa was good to you all?

We had a quiet one which was just me and Chris and the two kitties, very lovely. We opened our presents whilst listening to Christmas songs and then spent ages watching Nell playing with all the wrapping paper and gift string. We prepared dinner together as I was full of flu and then sat down to enjoy it. Although I have to say for me all of it tasted the same, but Chris seemed to enjoy it so it wasn't so bad :) After dinner we went and spent the evening with the in laws which was lovely too. Spoilt rotten again and plenty of turkey sandwiches ;)

Once we returned home, I followed tradition and fell asleep on the sofa until I was nudged and told to go to bed. I took it easy today, trying to get myself fit and well for the new year. We're off to my parents for New Year, really looking forward to it.

I really wish I could just stop sniffing and blowing my nose :(

Enjoy the rest of the festivities and no doubt I will be back blogging soon :) bye for now.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!

This will be my last post until after at least boxing day. I'm just about there, I managed to get the 'food' shopping done on Monday but I have to add that it was 11:05pm walking around Tesco and would you believe it, the shop was jam packed!!! We though it would be quite quiet, but no it was busier than a normal shopping day! Maybe we all had the same thought?

Any whooo, thats all taken care of there's plenty of beer, wine and spirits to take care of the festivities and I have bought all the gifts I needed. Apart from one thing, I am making Chris a gift and the time is slipping away from me. I am hoping he will need to go off later on this afternoon and do some jobs to leave me free to get sewing without him seeing it.

I am typing this from my desk at work as unfortunately I have to work til 12:30 today. Hoping to get away a little earlier though :) I still have the 'big clean' to do.

OK, I want to end this post on a high note so I just want to say, 'Have a lovely Christmas with the ones you love, eat plenty, drink in excess, be merry, give hugs, smile lots, laugh 'til your belly aches, dont forget your pets, and take all the little moments in'.

Thank you to all of my bloggy friends for being such great support this year, I'm so pleased I found you all.....looking forward to another great year in 2009.


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas Craft Market Day 3

Day 3 and its all over, today was a good day but I think the best was Saturday. I have really enjoyed myself this weekend. I just wish that I had booked up to do more weekends. I've met some lovely people, David and Louise who were my neighbours to the right of my stall were just the best craft neighbours to wish for they were so friendly and make the most gorgeous ceramic pieces. There's a link there on their names....go check out their website!! Louise gave me some beatiful ceramic buttons to play with for my bags, I will post photos soon, you will be sooooooo envious!!!! ;)

The room the market was in was so lovely, it was all high ceilings with beams, bare brick and white wash walls and a beautiful view of the city as we were on the top floor of the building. There were about 15 stalls of all different crafts, a few familiar faces and lots of cups of tea/coffee and mince pies!! :)
I am tired but good tired....the weekend was a success and as I didn't have any expectations after covering the cost of the stall everything else was a bonus.
Oh well, off to write a list of things I need to do and get tomorrow......mad panic now to get everything organised :o/

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas Craft Market Day 2

Just a quick post before I grab a shower and some dinner. Today....well all I can say is WOW!!! What a day I've had, here's hoping tomorrow (the final day of the Market) is just as busy. Far too much scoffing of the mince pies though!!!

Going to sleep soundly tonight with a big smile on my face :)

Go Bagladee!!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas Craft Market Day 1

Got up really early this morning, got dressed, made myself a packed lunch, got the rest of my 'bits and bobs' together and it was off to the craft market. Setting up didn't take long as I had already planned every detail out.....with the addition of some red fairy lights which I thought made it look quite Christmassy!

Once I was all set up and settled in I grabbed myself a coffee and biscuit and sat waiting, not really knowing what to expect. Because of the 'Credit Crunch' I expected things to be pretty bleak selling wise but the city was a hive of hustle and bustle, shoppers scurrying here and there trying to get their Christmas shopping done.

So, first day went OK, not fantastic. Hoping that since its Saturday tomorrow it will be busier....added bonus of today: I got to meet lots of new Crafty Friends, one that I'm dying to do a trade with. She likes one of my bags and I like one of her dresses......soooooooooo looks like I'm getting a new dress :)

I have taken some photo's but I'm exhausted, so I will try and post them tomorrow. The room we are in is so lovely.

Goodnight x

Thursday, 18 December 2008

All packed and ready....

When is it going to snow? That's what I want to know!! If there was any year it was likely to at Christmas surely this year would be it??? There certainly is never enough to build this many kinda looks like a snowman army :)

Anyway since I've managed to sit still for 5 minutes and grab a cuppa and a sandwich thought I'd give you all an update. I'm off to set up my stand for the Christmas Market this weekend tonight, so everything is carefully packed up and ready to go. I've already figured out the layout (which was done last night on the living room floor ;) and was still there this morning) and hopefully I have enough stock for the 3 days......if not then we can call it a roaring success?

The tree is up and decorated the Christmas cards are almost all written, most of my Christmas shopping is done (apart from the food side which secretly inside I'm freaking out about!!!) I still have 2 things to make and I'm cutting it very fine!!! A Bob the Builder kids tool belt for a friend at work and a present for my lovely fella, I'm hoping that I wont still be sewing on Christmas Eve but somehow I get the feeling that this will be the case :o/ Oh yes and I haven't wrapped a thing yet!! I like to save that until Christmas Eve, with Frank Sinatra singing carols in the background and a lovely glass of sweet sherry by my side!!! Ahhhhhhh cant wait.

Hope you're all ready and waiting for Santa :)

Monday, 15 December 2008

Christmas Winners :)

I would like to start by saying a big thank you for all who entered my Christmas Give Away, there we so many comments. I spent ages reading them and then visiting each blog to have a read (and added new ones to my reading list). An extra special thank you to those who blogged about it and Twittered it (if that's the right expression). I wish I could give you all a prize.

Right lets get to it! I didn't have my felt bucket to hand this time as its jam packed with things on my work desk. So I thought I'd use a bowl (Oh how original ;) ha ha) and then it occurred to me I was on my own so I had no Chris to pick out the winners!!!

This was not a problem as you can see below I had a helping paw!! Ridiculous I know but Nell thought the bits of card were great to play with and managed to scoop them right out of the bowl one by one so here are the first 4 she picked. (What is that majestic look on her face? I think she looks like Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon, Bless).

The first winner is:
Clair P
Clair you win prize one.

Prize 2 goes to:

Prize 3 goes to:

And finally Prize 4 goes to:

Congratulations to the winners, please can you email me your addresses as soon as possible so I can try and get your prize to you before Christmas.

OK have to shoot away now, must call my Mam and finish 2 bags.......Friday is creeping up already and I'm selling stock before I even get there. I'm a total stress head at the mo!!!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Stop I want to get off :(

At what point do you think, 'OK I have more than enough stock for a 3 day Christmas Market?' I have gone through the 'surely I cant possibly sell all that in 3 days' to Oh 'God what if I don't have enough!!'

I'm exhausted!!! I had 2 days off work and I feel like I've worked a week in those 2 days. Sorry to have a whine.....and I shouldn't really, things have been really busy for Bagladee. Internet sales, Etsy sales, sales from the party I held.......I just need a rest!

I have decided I have 2 bags to finish and 2 brush rolls and then I am going to stop. Otherwise Christmas is going to be here and I wont have had a chance to enjoy the run up to Christmas.

OK rant over, now I know I'm being ridiculous and over tired!! Because I've just sold something else through my website and that sure has put a smile on that frowning forehead of mine ;)

Lets finish this post on a happy note: You still have until midnight tonight (yes I will still be up then!!) to enter my give away click here to enter.

And don't forget any last minute Christmas shopping go take a look at & I will priority ship any item ordered this week for the normal postage/shipping cost.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Give Away

Here I am as promised :) with my last Give Away of the year. Throughout the year I have collected various craft supplies (think I may be slightly addicted) and I thought that I could have a give away with all the things I have collected but not used. It seems such a shame for them not be transformed into something wonderful. So with a few extras I bought this week here they are, there are 4 prizes in all.
Prize 1
Prize 2
Prize 3
Prize 4

All you have to do to enter is to tell me 'what is your favourite part of Christmas' and then tell one person about the give away, post your comment and the persons name you've passed it on to and I will pick a Winner on Sunday 14th December. This is so that I can get them posted out to you as quick as possible.

Good luck!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

"HUGE" Apologies!!!

With everything being so all over the place at the moment and orders pouring in I will have to post the give away tomorrow. Haven't photographed it yet but 'no work' tomorrow (yey!!) so I promise I will take photos and post in the morning. Off to batter the ironing pile now :(

Monday, 8 December 2008

Hey Hey!!! I'm back!!

Oh my god......what have I missed???? Come on tell me I want to know!!! I hate thinking that I might have missed out on something :(

On the upside of depriving myself from blogging and blog'll be pleased to hear that I am slowly but surely conquering that list! Although as usual didn't get everything done that I wanted to.

The Christmas tree is up and gorgeously decorated if I do say so myself ;) and I managed to do 90% of my Christmas Gift Shopping on Saturday, which wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be. I hate having to fight to get what I want in a shop, it wastes so much energy. Any who, I did have a good look around the German Christmas Market and watched the ice skaters on the rink whilst listening to the carol singers!! Yes, very festive!!

So what did I get done, well for starters these very festive pouches are now for sale in my etsy shop there were originally 6 but I sold one almost as quick as I listed it. So only 5 left (1 large, 2 medium, 2 coin purses).

On the end of each zipper is a little pewter snowflake!!!
I think these make a perfect little Christmas gift, bless those little snowmen.
I have also gathered some items together for a special Christmas Give Away which I will be posting on Wednesday, so don't forget to pop back. There will be lots to win!!
Will update you on my list again tomorrow. Apologies for the previous pouches not being on my website yet, I was encountering some technical difficulties (me!! ha ha). See you tomorrow x

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Taking off my blogger hat...

I have to hold my hands up and say OK Emma, time out!! I have so much to get done in the next 3 days its getting scary, my To Do list is still as long as my arm and I'm having serious printer issues at the moment. Not good as I have lots to print, including my bagladee tags to go in the lining of my bags. And how annoying that I feel like my day job is getting in the way....especially after last week :(

I need to focus, focus, focus!! I have broken the list down into 3 parts, one part for each day from now until Sunday. Which means that something has got to give. Even though its hard to bring myself to say it as I love reading through all my blogs that I follow, posting comments and writing my own posts....

(Hand over my heart) I, Emma-Bagladee, pledge that I will not post, read or leave comments for the next 3 days. In the hopes of getting jobs finished so that I can actually enjoy the run up to Christmas rather than stressing about what I have and haven't done.

I will check my emails (obviously) for orders....... I will miss you all dearly ;) but don't worry I WILL BE BACK!!! Oh yes I will, on Sunday with lots of news so don't forget to pop by and hug me and my blog.

Have a fab weekend :) xx
p.s. we are putting our tree up at the weekend, cant wait!!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Christmas Gift Market

Not sure if any of my blog readers are from Nottingham in the UK. But if you are then why not come on down to the Christmas Gift Markets that are running from this weekend right up until Christmas.

They are being held at the View From The Top Gallery, which is situated on the 4th Floor of Waterstones (the book sellers). For more details and directions visit

I will be there on 19th, 20th & 21st December showing off my wares, there will be lots of amazing local designers holding stalls so why not pop in and say Hi!!!
A great opportunity to bag some unique and exciting gifts :)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sales, Parties and newbies!!

Not much talking more photo' lots to do :o/ Here are a couple of shots from the bag party that I had whilst I was visiting my family. I love to see them all out on colourful and cheery smiling back at me :)

A little closer so you can see the pouches and purses.....I must say that it did take me a while to decide where to put everything.

Not sure if you can see from the main photo but I have a new addition to the bagladee family. The new project that I have been working on is: Brush Rolls to carry your cosmetic brushes. The are machine washable so no worries about getting make up on them...Oh and yes this was how I cut a chunk out of my finger (cutting the lengths of elastic cord!).

I love brightly coloured, funky fabrics :)

Et Voila :)

OK so you slot your brushes in, fold over the top section then roll. Once rolled slot over the elastic cord loop.....easy :)
I have kinda neglected putting items into my etsy shop and website :( sorry people, but I have made a pledge to myself that this weekend will be spent updating both shops!! So you will see these babies for sale in both. Have a lovely evening.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Up's, down's.....too's and fro's

Hi **wave**, I'm back from my trip up north :) I say that like its miles away....well 160 is enough. I had a lovely weekend but it always goes over so quick and before you know it I'm packing up to take the journey back down the A1/M1 home.

News first: Friday started with a phone call from work (only because I had the day off and they were announcing the redundancies) to say that "thankfully" I was not one of the ones selected and I was no longer classed as 'being at risk' which was a relief but also sad as we lost a member of our team. Things at work today have felt a little deflated but hopefully once the dust settles things will be back to normal.

I also received a little package in the post which made me smile :D I decided I was going to treat myself at the beginning of last week as things weren't very pleasant (retail therapy always works for me)........and I'm still picking it up admiring it.

Gorgeously packaged from Picciolo who has a shop on etsy, with fantastic business cards and stickers.
A 'home for my pins' and she also kindly included this free card which features her fabric art work.

I love the colours and on the bottom is a gorgeous bird pattern fabric, so well made and not only is it very practical to store my pins but its beautiful to look at too. Picciolo also has a fab blog, if you haven't already met her then why not go and take a look click here.
OK back to the weekend....Friday and it was my bag party and it went really well. I sold a few bags some pouches a purse and a brooch. So not a bad start. Saturday was spent visiting a local fabric supplier where I stocked up on some plain coloured cottons and sewing essentials. Saturday evening spent relaxing with my family and then after some lunch on Sunday it was back to travelling home. A bit of a whirlwind but it was nice to visit home and I did catch up with some friends (Hi Kel) which I don't do very often :( although I do try.

We've decided that we are spending New Year up at my parents so I'm now left with the daunting task of finding somewhere that we can book for a meal, which already is proving quite difficult :o/

I have some more photos to share with you (of the bag party and new project) but I'll be back with those tomorrow, off to finish some house work then sewing.