Friday, 7 July 2017


Hello my lovelies, another post on a Friday?!?! Well I just had to come and tell you (if you didnt already know) that I am trying to de-stash all of my cotton fabrics that I have accumulated in the time I made bags.

I really need to get rid of it all to make room for my dressmaking fabrics, I just don't have the room to store it all and it makes more sense that it would go to someone who would make something beautiful out of it. 

If you are interested in any of them, please leave a comment on this post of which numbers you would like and your email address (if you are comfortable posting it here, if not email me : and I will work out postage for you.

Sizes and prices (extremely low) will be in the text below the photo. Any questions please just shout me make room! If you could let your other crafty friends know I'd really appreciate it.

Top Fabric - No.1 : £2.50 
Dimentions: 58cm x 110cm

Bottom Fabric - No.2 : £3.50
Dimentions : 180cm x 110cm

Top Fabric - No.3 : £3.00 
Dimentions: 100cm x 110cm

**SOLD** Bottom Fabric - No.4 : £2.50
Dimentions : 55cm x 110cm

Top Fabric - No.5 : £3.00 
Dimentions: 90cm x 110cm

Bottom Fabric - No.6 : £2.50
Dimentions : 56cm x 110cm

**SOLD** Top Fabric - No.7 : £2.00
Dimentions: 90cm x 62cm

Bottom Fabric - No.8 : £2.00
Dimentions : 57cm x 80cm

Fabric No.9 : £2.00
Dimentions: 40cm x 110cm

Fabric No.10 : £2.75
Dimentions: 70cm x 110cm

Top Fabric - No.11 : £2.50
Dimentions: 49cm x 110cm

Bottom Fabric - No.12 : £2.75
Dimentions : 65cm x 108cm

Top Fabric - No.13 : £2.50
Dimentions: 46cm x 110cm

Bottom Fabric - No.14: £2.50
Dimentions : 52cm x 110cm

Top Fabric - No.15 : £3.00
Dimentions: 92cm x 110cm

Bottom Fabric - No.16 : £2.75
Dimentions : 60cm x 110cm

Fabric No.17: £1.00
Dimentions: 45cm x 53cm

Top Fabric - No.18 : £1.00
Dimentions: 45cm x 45cm

**SOLD** Bottom Fabric - No.19 : 75p
Dimentions: 65cm x 20cm 

Fabric No.20 : £1.00
Dimentions: 47cm x 53cm 

**SOLD** Top Fabric - No.21 : £2.00
Dimentions: 92cm x 45cm

Bottom Fabric - No.22 : £3.00
Dimentions: 87cm x 94cm

Top Fabric - No.23 : £1.50
Dimentions: 60cm x 48cm

Bottom Fabric - No.24 : 75p
Dimentions: 24cm x 70cm 

Top Fabric  - No.25 : £1.50
Dimentions: 33cm x 90cm

** SOLD** Bottom Fabric - No.26 : £2.00
Dimentions: 90cm x 52cm

**SOLD** Top Fabric - No.27 : £1.00
Dimentions: 27cm x 89cm

Bottom Fabric - No.28 : £2.00
Dimentions: 90cm x 53cm 

Fabric No.29 : £2.00
Dimentions: 36cm x 110cm

Fabric No.30 : £3.00
Dimentions : 106cm x 110cm

Fabric No. 31 : 3.00 
Dimentions: 100cm x 83cm

**SOLD** Fabric No.32 : £1.00 
Dimentions: 44cm x 59cm

Fabric No.33 : £2.75 
Dimentions: 60cm x 108cm

Fabric No.34 : £3.00
Dimensions : 130cm x 110cm

Fabric No.35 : £3.00 
Dimentions: 100cm x 110cm

Fabric No.36 : £2.00 
Dimentions: 37cm x 110cm

Fabric No.37 : £2.75 
Dimentions: 69cm x 82cm

Fabric No.38 : £1.00
Dimentions : 50cm x 44cm

**SOLD** Fabric No.39 : £2.00
Dimentions: 72cm x 52cm

**SOLD** Fabric No.40 : £1.50
Dimentions: 45cm x 82cm

**SOLD** Fabric No.41 : £2.50
Dimentions : 47cm x 110cm

Fabric No.42 : £2.00 
Dimentions: 40cm x 110cm

If you managed to make it to the end of my post thank you :D

Please, please, please help me de-stash....

Emma xxx

PJ shorts

Hello my lovelies, wow I cant believe another week has passed already. Well they do say that time flies when you're having fun don't they! 

To say that I am having fun is a huge understatement. Is it silly to say that I think I was put on this earth to sew? I know it sounds totally ridiculous, but when I am sewing and making things I am totally and utterly contented. Its a very long time since I have felt like this. and I am trying everything in my power to be able to work it so that I can find a job that I can do that will give me the freedom to focus on sewing. Mission impossible!! I choose to accept the mission :D

I have so many things to show and tell you, but I'm going to start with a shorts version of the PJ bottoms that I made. I had quite a lot of the fabric left so I thought it would make sense to make a shorts version. Looking back now I should have gone with my gut instinct and amended the PJ pattern to make a shorts version. Now let me explain what I did do....

I downloaded a free pattern from Craftsy, I cut out a medium as that is what the measurements said I should cut. But when they were sewn together they were absolutely massive and I mean ridiculously!!! You could have gotten myself and my other half in them :D

I ended up unpicking them, re-cutting them as an extra small (which I have to add I am not lol) adding a facing to the waistband and re-sewing the whole lot back together. It should have only taken me about an hour to make these but I think it ended up being about 3 hours in total. They are really simple to make (when you have a pattern that bloody fits) and don't take much fabric. I spent most of the time faffing around with the pattern rather than sewing but I suppose I learned some valuable lessons, including adapting a pattern to my measurements.

They fit perfectly and I love them.

Next on the list to show you.....the 'Sew over it' - Silk Cami

Emma xxx