Sunday, 22 February 2015


Last Summer I decided that I wanted to paint my studio, so I put together this little collection of images that inspired me. 

I love this colour, as I picked it from a Dulux chart it does not have a name just a number. So for argument sake I will say it's mint green. I find it very relaxing and is a great colour to match with. 

I've already been and bought the fabric boxes that fit into my IKEA shelving unit and have my eye on a new chair for my sewing desk but that will have to wait until I have some spare pennies. I've had a huge clear out and re-organised all of my sewing stash ready for my studio makeover. 

I picked these up at B&Q a couple of weeks ago in their sale. A teal coloured throw and two cushions. I don't really have a colour scheme but I figure that grey, teal and orange look really nice together with the mint green. I also have some prints to go up on the wall once it's all decorated. Just need to get this banister finished and then I can get started.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Red velvet yumminess...

Did I tell you about my list? No? Well I shall save that for another post. So on this 'list' was to attempt to make Red velvet cupcakes. I know I have made cupcakes before and some of you might remember that I went on a cupcake decorating course a few year ago. But all my previous baking has been based on the 3 egg rule. You know you take 3 eggs and weigh them, what ever the weight this is how much butter, flour and sugar you need. 

This recipe however came from Nigella's website and to be truthful the ingredients scared me a little. 

I've never used cider vinegar in cakes before or buttermilk for that matter. But I thought Nigella can't be wrong ( I love Nigella she's my favourite TV chef). I loved the deep red colour of the batter once I'd added half a ton (not really) of the red food paste. They smelt devine whilst they were cooking and I managed to get a modest 28 cupcakes out of the mixture. 

I made cream cheese frosting for the tops, again Nigella's recipe and it is the nicest one I have tried to date. Then I grated some chocolate on the top of the frosting. I took some to work and sent some over to Mr.B's parents, the rest were consumed by us with many a cup of tea.

I'm glad I took the plunge and tried out this recipe the cake was deliciously chocolatly and moist and light. This photos not great but they really were red, given it was a more demure maroon colour rather than the rich crimson of the raw batter but it was good enough for me and my testers who all said they were yummy!

So Red velvet cupcakes = tick! 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Oooooh pretty!

And here it is my first new design bag in a long time! Boy does it feel good to say that, it has been a while. 

I love the anticipation of drawing up a new pattern with a vision if what it will look like in my head. I never make a mock up first, I always just dive in with my chosen fabric and work with any obstacles I come up against. 

Looking back I am thinking that was a mighty brave decision I took considering all the new skills I tried out on this beautiful bag. I suppose it never enters my mind that it 'won't work'. 

I have since purchased some thinner cord for piping and a piping foot to see how perfect I can get those seams.

Overall I am as us Northerners would say thoroughly chuffed with this one. It looks exactly how I had imagined right at the very start doodling away in my note pad. I already have two more orders for this style bag even though I have only been showing little sneak peeks so that must be a good sign :D 

I have another design waiting in the wings but i think that one will come later on in the Summer. Let this pretty lady have her day first.