Monday, 23 March 2009

Back to work tomorrow.....sigh!

So I thought I'd make the most of my last day off. I got up early, went to the post office to post some orders and went to pick a few things up from the supermarket. As a rule I never bake, or make anything that is complicated. Not that I don't want to just that I never have the time.

Taking advantage of today I decided I was going to bake some bread and make some cakes. Now no laughing here!!! This is a good attempt for me :)

Chocolate Crispies!! Always a winner, there's nothing that can go wrong with these babies! And TA DA here they are.....I made extra large ones in muffin cases as it stops the other half from eating 5 of the normal sized ones.

Next on the list, I thought lets try making brownies. I even cheated by buying the mix in a box where you just add water, and lets just say there's plenty room for improvement. :) They taste good, I just think the tray I poured the mixture into was too big resulting in very thin brownies. Ha ha.....

And last of all BREAD, although I did kinda cheat with this too as it was a mix in a bag and AGAIN just add water. But I tell you what......amazing bread!! I think I will start making it more often when its this easy!!

Oooh what a good little house wife I am ;) I am very surprised I didn't burn it or over cook it. Thin brownies are OK with me.
I also rearranged all the stuff in the kitchen cupboards (now I have my new cupboard/utility) which is going to be hilarious stuff when the other half comes in as he wont be able to find anything!! :)
I've had so much fun being off work, wish I could re wind to Thursday and do it all again.


  1. What???!! You mean you didn't use my brownie recipe?! Hee hee! Still, you can't beat chocolate crispies! I keep meaning to bake bread too but never get round to it, perhaps I should try one of those mixes too?

  2. Can I get a recipe for those crispies??? ;)

  3. do I spy little eggs on top of the crispies? yum!

  4. I got a bread maker :) actually a bad move as we usually end up eating the whole loaf!! Lovely to wake up to the cooking bread smell on a Sunday morning though :)

  5. Mmmm I also have to admit I am a cheater too! LOL

  6. get you all domestic goddess like! there must be something in the air as i made chocolate cornflake buns yesterday after work - big muffin sized ones too!

  7. Chocolate crispies are good. I've been busy baking today - cakes and smartie biscuits for M's 4th birthday party tomorrow, and then I experimented and made rolo cookies and nearly ruined my tins....ooops. But yummy nevertheless!!

    Kept my mind of recent events in the smilernpb household (see my blog for the news).

  8. you've made me hungry now! I love the little easter eggs on the cakes, yum. You were certainly busy today, how nice to do something you don't usually have time for. Hope your first day back at work was ok
    : )

  9. Hello! Yeah things are going well ta! I'm skint but hopeful about this trade show.

    Your cakes and bread look delicious, I've been wanting to make bread for ages - I even bought yeast but I've never done it before and don't have the time right now :-(

    There's never enough time!

  10. oooh Yum Yum!!!
    Hope you have fun during your days off. Time to take your time rather than racing against the clock all day.


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