Saturday, 14 March 2009

Exhausted & Accomplished

So I may not be a seasoned knitter with a plethora of skills but I'm sure my kitty Nell will appreciate this woolly blanket when its completed. 12 rectangles down, plenty more to go.

Whilst driving home from the cinema last week we passed a wallpaper shop and in one of the windows one of the papers caught my eye. So after picking my car up from the garage on Friday we went in for a look.

I've looked at many wallpapers and collected myself quite an array of samples but nothing was saying 'pick me I'm perfect' but when I got to look at this one closer I knew straight away I wanted it. There was no 'excuse me but could I take a sample of this one?' I just picked up 3 rolls and went and paid :) I suppose you could say it was 'love at first sight'.

I cant wait to see it on the wall.

I've almost finished my new project, I will add the finishing touches in the morning and then I'll post some photos. Even though I did have a smallish lie in this morning I'm feeling particularly exhausted lately, I'm starting to think that its just everything eventually catching up with me. You cant 'burn the candle at both ends' and expect to get away with it scott free!?!?

So I've decided to book a couple of days off work....thankfully this week will only consist of Monday, Tuesday & I'll have a nice long weekend all to myself. Hope you all had a good weekend. xx


  1. My grandma tried to teach me to knit. Didn't turn out so well. She is 93 and still knits mittens and slippers for the great-grandchildren.

  2. it's not the knitting - it's the sewing up! good luck with sewing up all those rectangles! (That's why I knit all-in-one-piece)

  3. I wish I could knit...nice blog!

  4. The knitting looks great! Hopefully your time off will do a lot to restore you - take care. x

  5. Don't you love it when you finally find the perfect thing? Have fun with your wall paper.

    Love the colors you're working with for your blanket! It will be beautiful.

  6. I love the colours you have used for the blanket, its going to look lovely. Your short week sounds good, make ure you have a rest for some of it!
    : )

  7. Oooh how lovely that after so much looking you suddenly found exactly what you was looking for....sometimes life is just like that, isn't it?

    Don't talk about decorating, I'm in the middle of trying to put the finishing touches to our hall....and it's gloss. YUK!


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