Friday, 27 March 2009

Mug Swap- Received!

I was starting to get a little worried that my swap parcel wasn't going to arrive......but yesterday morning I went to the Post Office to pick up a parcel that 'was too big for your letter box'.

Well you can imagine excited just doesn't cover it, I got up earlier just so I could collect it before work. But then I realised, I couldn't open it as I didn't have my camera with I had to sit all morning at working imagining what was in the parcel!!! I had left it in my car just so that I wasn't tempted to open it.
But once I got home.....the camera came out and the wrapping came off!!!!

My swap partner was Sara from 'fromthehandsofkittyeden' and she has a gorgeous website over here! Go check it out she has the sweetest things in her shop. It was gorgeously wrapped and inside were all these goodies! I couldn't believe it......

There was of course a mug, which I love....the colours are very me. I must say Sara you definitely did your home work, every item I though 'yeah that's me to a T'. Alongside the mug was this yummy antioxi chocolate from Thornton's, its says on the box 'Just two scrumptious squares a day will make you feel great' now that is what I want to hear about chocolate!!!

There were also 3 balls of wool and some small knitting needles......I wonder what I will make with these? I am loving this little pouch (fabbo fabric!! Cath Kidson I presume) inside were some fruit teas. Which I also love! Yes, there was more, some Ric rac, the most gorgeous little crochet butterfly, some buttons (2 in the shape of strawberries) and some sparkly star beads.

And to top it all off this beautiful mini it, love it love it!!!!!!!! And the little brooch you see pinned to Sara's business card I have attached to the little bag and it just looks the business.

I want to say a BIG BIG thank you to Sara (and her talent) for a brilliant swap was definitely worth the wait. And also a BIG thank you to Jenny for organising the swap.

I want to do another swap now.......anyone know of any??


  1. Wow, great parcel..good things come to those who wait! xxx

  2. So glad it got you ok i was starting to panic that it had got lost as i am not having much luck with the post at the mo !!!

    So glad you like it all too x x x x

    Have a great weekend
    Sara x

  3. I love swaps, and this one is just lovely!!! It's amazing what you can put in a mug!!!!
    I need to finish my Easter swap, I'm half way there, so not too much more to do!

    Have fun : )

    Sharon xx

  4. Fabulous goodies Emma! I want to do another swap too, let me know if you find a good one!

  5. yes there is a group of traders (swapers?)here:
    it is very fun to get packages in the mail!!!
    so have more fun :)

  6. What a great swap!! Wonder what kind of swap I should start?
    Did you do it through a blog?

  7. Wow, great parcel. Let me know if you find a swap cos I'd love to be part of one - sounds fab!!

    Hope you had a good weekend x

  8. wow what a wonderful parcel to recieve, everything is lovely
    : )


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