Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Breakdown Assistance :(

What an eventful day!! It started like every other but ended up very different. Got ready for work picked up my bag went to the car and started to drive away. Normal right?

The sound as I pulled away was definitely not first I thought that my breaks were just a little rusty but I knew once I had gone to turn round that it was something more. The other half came out and drove it forward no more than a foot when there was a huge bang and then the sound of metal falling to the ground. That was part of my suspension coil which has snapped :(

After 1hr 40 mins the AA arrived hoisted it on to the back of a truck and drove it to our garage. So that means I'm without my little fiesta for a few days until she's fixed. Once getting to work it was pretty hectic as I had missed most of the morning and had lots to catch up on.

Thankfully I am now sitting with a cup of tea, thinking about going to the cinema....obviously not in my car!!


  1. We don't realise how much we rely on them until they break down, do we? :-( Hope it gets sorted for you soon. x

  2. Oh no! Hope your car gets fixed soon (and that the bill isn't too horrendous!)

  3. Oh no!

    Reminds me of when I broke down, at the front of a set of traffic a cross roads, on a busy Saturday morning! Just been freezer shopping, with two children in the car. My clutch had gone on the car, and the car wasn't worth I got towed home (after two hours) and we scrapped the car.

    Luckily two handsome young men helped me move the car to one side, on the path. Did get the police come up to me and ask if I was ok...I was a touich frazzled by this point.

    From this moment on, a supply of drinks, food and kids toys have been a permanent fixture in the car!

    Hope your car gets sorted with the minimum of fuss!

  4. oh no, at least you were still at home when it happened rather than on the road somewhere. Hope you had a good time at the cinema!
    : )


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