Monday, 5 July 2010

Dear eyelids....

....I know that you are sooooo tired after me keeping you up til 2:30am and then rudely awoke you at 6:30am this morning but please, please could you manage a few more hours and stop me from falling asleep. I am by no means complaining, Oh no.....I've had a manic but enjoyably busy weekend and yes not much sleep but its OK. I love to sew!!! And at the moment until I can get things into place there are a lot of things overlapping. Not leaving much time for sleeping or relaxing.

There are so many tasks left to be completed and silly things like the day job getting in the way. But I promise that I will let you sleep properly after Wednesday and not disturb you too much. There is a holiday and some other good news (fingers crossed) coming so you can be rest assured that I will not abuse you again (don't hold me to that!!) by depriving you from rest.

thanks muchly.
a very tired bagladee :D xx

to my readers: I am exhausted but I'm not letting it get to me just yet, I have a lovely 5 days in Madrid all booked for the 21st July and I cant wait!!!! Lots of rest, shopping, eating amazing food, spending time with my gorgeous fella and a break from work!! Yippeeeeee!!! Viva Espania...........


  1. I soooo know how you feel. I don't know what the answer is either.... a holiday maybe ??

  2. oh Madrid sounds great, not too long to wait!
    : )


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