Saturday, 17 July 2010

Knitted comfort

Before I started to write this post I trawled back through my posts to find something specific and was amazed by how much I have written on here just in the last year. Some posts made me smile and made me remember some of the great things that have happened and then some posts made me wrinkle my forehead remembering some of the not so good times.

One of the posts I had written (was embarrassingly) back in March 2009 not sure if you were a reader back then or remember. Where I started to knit lots of rectangles which would eventually be a blanket for my beloved cat Nell, she adores anything knitted. At certain intervals she has actually tried to curl up on it for a quick nap, but it just wasn't big enough for a proper sleep.

After the last order went out I thought about all the projects that I have started but are yet to finish, this blanket was one of them. Since I am one for not sitting and doing nothing whilst on a break from crafting I thought I'd sit and do a little bit more of the blanket whilst catching up on TV programmes and a couple of films I've been meaning to watch, Young Frankenstein, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs and The Men who stare at goats.

And after all the attempts Nell made to try and sit on the blanket while I was stitching it together........

Here it is!!

She seems pretty content with it!! I'm so pleased she likes it.......she was curled up on it for about 2 hours this afternoon. Bless. I'm just sorry that its took me over a year to finish it for her. Hopefully the rest of my projects wont take so long :D

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  1. Well Done all your knitting lessons paid off and it looks as though Nell is enjoying it, now where's the one for Ollie?


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