Thursday, 8 July 2010

Normal service will resume shortly

Brace yourselves this may be a long one. Over the last week or so I feel like there has been something missing from my blog, that something I think was me. I was here in body but not really mind. There's been so much going on my weeks are kinda blurring into one. I thought I'd sit down tonight and have a proper catch up with you all.

This lovely lady is Livvy, she and some more items from my website went off on their travels today as my biggest order to date. Part of it was delivered at the start of the week and I can proudly say that the recipients were really pleased with their first delivery so smiles all round. I was extra pleased after all the sleep I've deprived myself of lately, hearing my customers lovely comments made it all worth it!

If you are interested in this bag I have one left and its available here. Having such a large order to complete really made me realise that I'm going to love spending more time helping bagladee blossom (more on that to come very soon) then I will be able to say I truly LOVE my job.

To say that I really need a rest would be an understatement.....and on the 21st July that is exactly what I'm going to be having. We fly out to Madrid on the 21st for 5 days and while we are there we're going to see Red Bull XFighters in Las Ventas. We went to the London leg last year and it was fantastic. We heard that the atmosphere in Madrid is amazing so we decided to book up this year and go. I've always wanted to go to Madrid so it will be great trip I cant wait. We are also lucky to be going to the London leg again this year too which is in August. How exciting :D
Things have been so different in the bagladee house hold in the last 5 months. C sold his business and is currently completing more renovation work on the house. So I kinda have a house husband at the moment, and I use this term loosely. It doesn't include any domestic chores....Oh no. But we'll not get into that. He'll be pursuing a new career later on in the year. And for me, well a word to describe it would be bedlam, or mayhem??? Yes those two just about cover it, working full time on the day job, then trying to work full time on bagladee (hence not much sleep) and trying to keep a constantly dusty house ( because of all the work being carried out) clean. I'm going to spend this weekend just on me.

There is going to be sleeping in, cups of tea in bed, dvd's to watch, hair to dye, nails to paint and some wine to drink......this weekend. NO SEWING ALLOWED!!!
Something will be happening in the next few weeks that should allow normal service to resume in all aspects of life for me. I have big plans for my blog and website and I'm looking forward to adding some new bags to my collection (the fabric is soooo gorgeous).

And on that note I'm off to have an early'ish night for the last day of the week tomorrow at 1pm tomorrow afternoon the weekend is all mine.
thanks for hanging in there :D


  1. Glad things are moving the way you want them to with Bagladee, it'll so be worth it in the end! Very excited for you. Enjoy your weekend and have an extra long lay in for me too ;)

  2. That's so exciting that everything is good for you, and heading in the right direction! Lucky you! :o)

    Enjoy your weekend xx


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