Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fabric stash.....well whats left

Some time last year I took this photo of my fabric stash....on the rare occasions that it was tidy :D A pretty big pile of fabrics, mainly patterned with a few plains at the bottom left.

You might have seen this post recently? So after a good clear out and selling some of my stash it now looks like this.....

A few more plains and half the amount of patterns than there was before. That's a good thing though. As I only make 3 of each bag in a fabric combination I usually buy new fabrics for every new collection. So it seemed pretty pointless keeping these fabrics when I just don't have the time to make anything with them.

But then this also means that I have a lovely tidy studio and with everything that's going on the tidier the better. Can you see my little collection of monkeys :)

This is some of the stash I have left in my bagladeedestash shop on Etsy, a yard of fabric for £3.50.

My Mama's birthday was lovely, we had a meal on the Saturday night, and Sunday lunch with Chris's family and then tea and cakes late afternoon. I bought my Mama a new watch for her 60th, DKNY, silver cross over bangle with a round face....very pretty. Even if I did have to buy it 3 times!!!! Yes I did say 3, that's what you get for buying a watch on Friday 13th!! Bought it to be told it was out of stock but would take 5 days to credit my card, so went and bought it from another website (and paid extra for next day) only for the courier to not knock on the door and take it back to the depot. A phone call later I couldn't have it redelivered until the Tues (too late) so I had to go into town and buy one over the counter (which I should have done in the first place) so 2 refunds later I had the watch!! Phew.

I am busy trying to plough through some orders that I have so that I can get started on stock for Handmade in Britain.....which is looming. Only 1 month to go, best get my skates on!!!!

**thanks for the get well wishes I have an appointment at the doctors on Thurs so hopefully will get sorted then**

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