Friday, 20 May 2011

Ruby Triplets

Out of all the bags that I have made since starting up bagladee I have never made the full 3 all at the same time. I have used this print before, but in mustard and brown and I love it. Raspberry is the Pantone trend colour for this Spring/Summer, which I think is what attracted me to this one. Let me introduce you to 'Ruby'. Or should I say Rubies?

Before 2 of them go off to their new homes I thought I'd take the opportunity to photograph them altogether.

It feels weird as this is the first time that its felt like a proper 'run' of designs, so to speak. I think the last one will be sad when the other 2 leave next week ;) I'm sure she will find a home too soon.

Now that I have some medication (previous post : ill) I am ready and raring to get stuck into making some stock this weekend for Bath. Watch this space :)


  1. Good luck in Bath! The triplets are a rasberry delight! I really love the colour - I am clearly on trend! ;-) xx

  2. What else can I say except gorgeous!

  3. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, This bag is very good and creative,,


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