Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Situation

This is the situation.....
24 purses , 15 clutches, 15 cosmetic pouches, 11 saddle bags, 9 shoulder bags, 7 slouch bags, 3 utility bags is what I need to make before 16th June!!! Writing that down makes me feel queasy :/

I kinda have a plan, well an order of what I need to do and what I manage to get made is what I will be taking. I don't feel as stressed out as previous prep but I think that's because I'm still not feeling 100%. Last night I made a list of all the things I would normally do in the week, I then picked 3 things out of that week that at a push I could live without for a couple of weeks. One of those things is going to be blogging.

Now you all know that I love my blog but I am stretched further than I've ever been and I am conscious that I need to keep myself well in order to get everything done. I know that when I do come back that you will all still be there in blogland (you will wont you?). I'm not totally isolating myself from it though, I will still be having the odd cup of tea here and there so I will have a little time to catch up on blog reading. There just wont be any posts for a while. So if you've never read some of the tutorials that I have written or want a laugh by reading some of my really early posts then please feel free to delve right in. And if you just cant live without finding out what I'm up to then you can read my posts on my Twitter page. If you look to the right about half way down in the side bar you will see my Tweets.

Take care and I will see you again real soon :)

Emma xx


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  2. I think that is a great plan Em. Good luck with flying through the To Do list, you are sure to get there!

    See you when you give us an 'After Show De-brief'!


  3. Thats sounds like a good idea, although I will miss your posts, you have to prioritise to get things done. I'm glad you mentioned it though so I know not to worry. Good luck getting it all done, hope you are back soon.
    Emma x

  4. yes we will all still be here(that's if blogger keep working!)

    wow that's a lot of bags! could you just make three of each or just make those that you know will definately sell and then take orders on the day?

    Josie x


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