Thursday, 23 June 2011

Taking part, what do you think?

After not taking part in last years Race for Life after a 5 year run of raising funds, I knew that this year there was no way I was missing it. And the fact that I could do with a little exercise is added motivation.

So on my return from Bath on Monday I signed up to take part in the Holme Pierrepont race on 31st July at 11am. I have started collecting sponsors from the day job and have set up an online page too. There are always 'Donation Stations' at the event where you can donate your unwanted good quality clothes and home ware, so I've been keeping all the bits and bobs that I usually take to the Charity shops in a box to take along on the day.

As an added boost I thought of maybe doing an auction or raffle on my blog. I have a load of stock which I no longer sell through my website. I wanted to get your opinion as I wasn't sure which way to go with it. One option could be to list it all individually on a blog post with a donation value, if you wanted to buy it you would email me and I would list it as reserved you could then make the donation. Or I could group them up into 3 packages and then hold an auction/raffle. A raffle will mean you make a donation of an amount and I would draw a winner from the donations, an auction would obviously be bids the highest would win. Would anyone be interested???

For anyone who is interested here is my online sponsor page :

Back to sewing tomorrow after a well deserved break :)

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  1. Well done for signing up. We completed last year's race but with one thing and another we didn't do it this year. I was hoping to be able to take part, but then I realised too late that I would be able to....and left little or no time to collect sponsorship money. But anyway, we shall do it next year.

    I'm not sure which way you should do with the raffle/auction. The thing with a raffle is only one person wins, and well I have such terrible luck in raffles. Auctions are good too, though. I usually end up placing my bid too late, hence why me and ebay have a love/hate relationship! lol

    Whatever you decide to do, wishing you lots of luck xx


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