Tuesday, 28 June 2011


No not these lovelies....definitely not. Today I had to get a grip of myself and help C empty and demolish the shed. It was here when we bought the house, its old and smelly and full of spiders and other creepy crawlies. I don't have a phobia of these things, they just make me physically sick. I am pleased to say that I lasted the whole of the afternoon without complaining and squealing too much. Its quite some time since I helped out with the house renovations as I've just been so busy with bagladee. So I've taken the opportunity this week to 'do my bit'.

So that's the garage sorted and tidy, shed emptied and demolished.....next is to tackle the giant weeds in the front garden before we start moving the top soil around in the back garden.

Now I couldn't very well write a boring post about chores without popping some pretty photos in. These were taken before Bath, pre-framing session. Some (but not all) are now listed on my website here.

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