Friday, 3 June 2011

I know I shouldn't be here but...........

...........I am in need of some crafty help urgently. My current supplier is out of stock of some of the plain coloured cottons that I use for lining and I am in desperate need of some fast. Do any of you know of somewhere in the UK (that can deliver) that stocks a wide variety of colours. Only 2 weeks until Handmade in Britain and I've run out of lining fabric.

All I can say is that I would like to give myself a right good kick up the a**e for not checking stock sooner!!!!!

I would really appreciate any suggestions.....many thanks.

:) xx



    She is a fellow blogger and may be able to help hunny xx

  2. I was going to say Patch Fabrics too, she delivers really quickly.

  3. Try Mandy at she has a wide range of kona cottons plus some other solids and I'm pretty sure she can do next day delivery. are also very speedy on delivery, not sure of their solids range though.
    Good luck!!
    R xx

  4. Fabric rehab also have a large selection of Klona plains

  5. hi have you tried Dunelm they have loads of fabrics that might be of some use

    good luck!


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