Thursday, 22 December 2011

Birmingham Christmas Market

Last week we set off on the train to Birmingham Christmas Market. Previous years we have just ventured into Nottingham, but with the 'Occupy Nottingham' gang camped up in Market Square there was no ice skating rink and it was a little bit depressing to be honest :( thank you protesters! So it felt a little less Christmassy.

Walking out of the Bull Ring and up towards the Market this is the scene, isn't it soooo pretty!! It was freezing but I think that made it all the more festive.

Even the bull was all dressed up in his Christmas Jumper :D I loved this and thought, who knitted that!! It was made in sections it was so big!!

As we walked up to the Square it was packed with people, mainly drinking German Beer or the 'Hot Wine' which was yummy. You had a choice of Apple, Raspberry, Cherry, or the Fire Wine. I went for a Raspberry then a Fire wine :D And then another before we left!

It was so lovely and even though some people did warn me it was a little expensive, it was all worth it. We didn't eat at the Market (which is what was expensive) but the atmosphere was lovely, there was music playing and people were bobbing around to it, the wine was warming and it was Oh so pretty with all the lights. Definitely worth the train ride......Thank you Birmingham!


  1. Occupy Nottingham? What have I missed? I only live 15 mins walk from the square and I had no idea - what are they moaning about?

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